Fnatic partners with Team Queso to join 2022 LVP Superliga

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Fnatic will be entering the Spanish League of Legends scene in the 2022 season after a partnership with LVP Superliga team Team Queso. 

This was announced by Fnatic on Friday, but with very little information provided. The short announcement clearly indicates that Fnatic will be moving its academy activities to the Spanish ERL starting next season, after having competed in the Northern League Championship (NLC) with Fnatic Rising for the past three splits. It’s not confirmed what will happen to Fnatic Rising, but it does seem like Fnatic’s time in the Northern league is probably over after this season. 

The news of Fnatic joining the Superliga sets the league up to be stacked in 2022. Yesterday, it was announced that Spanish streamer and LoL personality Ibai has acquired Astralis Stormbringer’s spot in the league together with FC Barcelona football player Gerard Piqué. The spot was reportedly bought for €300,000 ($356,000) according to Dot Esports, which potentially marks a new era for the Spanish ERL with big influencers entering the scene. 

With Fnatic coming along, the Superliga currently looks to be one of the most exciting European leagues to follow in the upcoming year. The current Superliga lineup also includes the academy teams of both G2 Esports and MAD Lions.

FC Barcelona rumored to enter the Spanish Superliga as well

If three LEC organizations and a big influencer aren’t enough to buff the Superliga in 2022, it might get even bigger. According to rumors reported by Esportmaniacos, it seems that the sports club FC Barcelona is also looking to enter the league next year. 

Even though this is still only based on rumors, it could turn out to be another huge investment in the Spanish LoL scene. As of right now, it seems that FC Barcelona is eying the spot of S2V, which has competed in the league since spring 2019 without any remarkable results. 

S2V will reportedly still be a part of the project but would change its name to Barca Esports, which the famous football club is already active within Rocket League and Hearthstone. If FC Barcelona ends up joining the Superliga in any capacity, it will likely be announced within the next few months. Until then, fans can be excited for all the other stacked teams that are looking to participate. 


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