Fnatic and Quincy Crew dominate BTS Pro Series groups, EG struggles

By Neslyn Apduhan


Apr 23, 2020

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Fnatic and Quincy Crew have both scored an impressive 7-0 standing at the BTS Pro Series Southeast Asia and Americas, respectively.

BTS Pro Series Americas featured a good mix of top teams from North and South America.

Evil Geniuses was the heavy fan favorite, but the team did not dominate its opponents as expected. Evil Geniuses opened in disappointing fashion by losing its first series against Cloud9. This marked the end of Cloud9’s overwhelming losing streak, making it a particularly poor result for EG.

Quincy Crew and CR4ZY also stomped Evil Geniuses in a clean 2-0 sweep. Both of those teams were undefeated until they are pitted against each other on the last day of the group stage. The resulting series was neck and neck. In the end, Quincy Crew proved to be the stronger team of the two as it claimed the victory in the deciding game.

Quincy Crew, CR4ZY, Evil Geniuses, and Business Associates ultimately advanced in the upper bracket of the playoffs. In spite of their struggles, EG remains the likely favorite.

Fnatic on top BTS Pro Series Southeast Asia

In BTS Pro Series Southeast Asia, Fnatic secured the top seed and ended the group stage undefeated.

The team kicked off the tournament with a 2-0 series win over T1. Fnatic also bested its close rival TNC Predator in their best-of-three series. Although TNC Predator forced a deciding game, Fnatic came out victorious and remained unbeaten.

Meanwhile, star veteran player Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung’s new team CR had a disappointing performance in the event. The team failed to win a single series and was forced to make an early exit. CR was not able to claim any series against the teams at this level of play. However, it’s interesting that CR chalked up single game wins against BOOM Esports and Team Adroit, who were both doing well in the tournament otherwise.

CR and T1 were bottomed out at the event while Fnatic, Team Adroit, BOOM Esports, and TNC Predator claimed the four upper bracket spots.

BTS Pro Series boasts a $100,000 prize pool equally divided between the Southeast Asia and Americas regions.


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