Five tips to improve your skills in Valorant

By William Davis


Feb 7, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Who doesn’t want to improve their skills in Valorant? After all, slaughtering enemies is much more enjoyable than dying at the start of every fight. These five tips for Valorant will help you level up your skills. 

In the same way a baseball player can have a new start to their career by changing up how they swing the bat, a seemingly small change can have a big impact on how effective you are in Valorant. Here are a few quick things you can do to up your game.

Consider the in-game field of vision

Always avoid corners that obscure your vision while making the most out of corners that give you a quicker sightline on an opponent. Being able to see an enemy’s shoulder emerge from around a corner before they can see you could be the difference between getting gunned down or stopping a push in its tracks.

Make the most of the mini-map. You can see the enemies your allies have spotted, know how far away your movements are heard, and leave pings for your allies that can hint at what’s behind smokes and other obstructions.

Make sure to do warm-ups

Devote 15-30 minutes to training with bots before jumping into a ranked match. While everyone is different, “first game of the session” rust is real and this can help you regain muscle memory, tighten up your aim, and quicken your reaction time.

This is also the best way to get used to the lateral movements that can help you come out on top in duels. Getting used to the timing between your weapon spray being widened from movement and having pinpoint accuracy is key to coming out on top of one-on-one firefights. 

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Watch and learn

You don’t play in a vacuum, so take advantage of all learning opportunities. There are many players worth watching, analyzing, and learning from. Besides focusing on professional Twitch streamers, you can use Valorant boosting services to see why pro carries use certain agents or skills. Try to remember and implement those strategies in the game. And finally, you can always carry out self-analysis by recording your games and reviewing them after. 

Looking over enemies is worthwhile as you can improve not only your skills, but also in-game tactics. The point is to use skills wisely instead of wasting all your utility at the start of a round. Thus, you need to have a plan for when and where to use one skill or another.

Get completely comfortable with a few agents, don’t just play all of them

Make up a pool of Valorant characters based on your strengths, weaknesses, and gaming style. Valorant gives players a lot of room for creativity and has a definite place for people that want to rack up kills and those that want to outsmart opponents. Instead of just randomly cycling between different agents, play just a few and get completely comfortable with them. Learn their specific tricks and it’ll go a long way towards improving your rank. 

Don’t put all the blame on your teammates

This is one of the best Valorant tips for novice players who lose their temper because of allies’ mistakes while ignoring their own faults. Remember that Valorant’s matchmaking system does an effective job of matching players with pretty much the same level of skill. So instead of blaming others, facilitate team play, appreciate everyone’s effort, concentrate on the current situation, and try to maintain friendly and calm communication.


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