First teaser for Valorant Agent 25 has been leaked

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 26, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The first unofficial teaser for the next Valorant 25 has been leaked.

Valorant roster is now stacked with 24 agents, and the meta is finally in a smooth sync. After ISO’s big release, leakers have discovered the first unofficial teaser for Valorant Agent 25, pointing at a ladybug-like character.  

According to ValorLeaks, the upcoming agent will join Viper and Astra in the Controller roster. But besides this, no new info has been released yet.

Who is Agent 25 in Valorant? 

Valorant Agent 25, who’s reportedly codenamed SmokeDancer, is a controller. Riot has yet to confirm this leaked information. 

The Valorant agent roster is fairly balanced at the moment, with seven duelists, five sentinels, five controllers, and six initiators. Since we already have enough initiators and got a new sentinel in Episode 7, it leaves ample space for another controller.

Harbor was the last controller added to the game, and while he looked overpowered initially, he didn’t make a massive dent in the meta. Players are hoping that Agent 25 will do the honors. 

Valorant Agent

Upcoming Valorant controller abilities 

The abilities of Valorant Agent 25 are currently unknown, and the leaked player card doesn’t give much away either. But, it seems Agent 25 loves Mother Nature. 

The card has been obtained from Valorant Episode 8, Act 1 files. From the teaser, it seems Agent 25 would be a feminine character with moth-like abilities. Purple and pink hues with butterflies point at an upbeat and bubbly agent like Killjoy, who may use nature and insects to block sight.

However, it’s tough to tell if this agent is more of a moth or a rabbit. The teaser is slightly abstract, leaving much to the imagination. In any case, Agent 25 appears to be someone who’s connected with nature, like Skye. 

Agent 25 will be released in Valorant Episode 8 Act 2, according to ValorLeaks.