Chamber in Valorant

First details emerge on Valorant agent 26, codenamed “Sherry”

By Fariha Bhatti


May 2, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

A new Valorant agent codename has popped up, and since it doesn’t give much away, players struggling to make sense of the word “Sherry.” 

Prior to the release of each Valorant agent, data miners try to uncover any clues about the agent. Most times, they get their hands on codename, which helps players anticipate the agent’s origins, toolkit, personality, and more. This time, however, the codename is quite vague, leaving players puzzled. 

Riot recently released Clove, a non-binary controller in Valorant with post-death smokes, who rocked the meta with her unique toolkit. Now, the leakers are already digging out info on Valorant agent 26. 

Who is Sherry in Valorant?  

Sherry is the codename of one of the upcoming Valorant agents, most likely Agent 26. According to leakers, this agent is currently under development and may or may not be the next agent. 

Sherry is by far the most vague Valorant agent codename, but players have a few guesses. If the codename is a nod at the wine, it likely points towards a sophisticated, Chamber-like character. Luxury Sherries can be quite expensive. suggesting that the next agent may either belong to the upper class or maybe they just like to roll with the nickname. 

Another reason we think Sherry is codenamed in context of wine is because of lack of Spanish agents in Valorant. Riot likes to include agents from across the world in Valorant, and the roster is still missing one from Spain, a country famous for Sherry exports. 

In Valorant, the next agent will most likely be a sentinel since all other categories have at least six agents, except for sentinel. If that’s the case, then Sherry will join Chamber in most probably Episode 10 of Valorant since Clove and Iso were released in short intervals. The two characters require more time to establish themselves in the meta before a new sentinel resets it again.