Female Dota 2 pro AXX knocks PSG.LGD out of ESL LA qualifiers

By Neslyn Apduhan


Feb 16, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

The new team of female Dota 2 pro Bi “AXX” Xia has eliminated Chinese powerhouse PSG.LGD from a Dota Pro Circuit qualifier.

AXX created a buzz in the Dota 2 community after joining Newbee Boss in 2017. Although the team fell short at the time, she is always remembered as a highly skilled female pro player in a field that is dominated by men.

She played alongside Dota 2 legends Luo “Ferrari_430” Feichi, Zhang “xiao8” Ning, and Wong “ChuaN” Hock Chuan.

Blaze tapped AXX for the open qualifier of ESL One Los Angeles. The original Blaze players couldn’t make it due to coronavirus outbreak. Several Chinese pro players were affected by the quarantine in the Hubei Province of China.

AXX proved to be an asset to the team as Blaze knocked down the Chinese giant PSG.LGD in the open qualifier. Blaze stomped PSG.LGD in a 2-0 fashion and earned a regional qualifier spot.

Once again, PSG.LGD bites the dust. The team took a break during the first major tournament after its third-place finish at The International 2019. Its debut games in the open qualifier for DreamLeague Season 13 were a disaster. The team was eliminated in the second round of the qualifier by FTD.Apollo.

PSG.LGD sang the same song in the ESL One Los Angeles Open Qualifier. This early exit has put another nail in the coffin.

The culprit of the poor performance might be the last-minute roster shakeup. PSG.LGD has decided to bench Lai “Ahjit” Jay Son just four days after his joining the team.

In LGD’s Weibo post, it revealed that Ahjit failed to meet the organization’s expectations. Li “ASD” Zhiwen replaced Ahjit as PSG.LGD’s carry a few days before the qualifier.

PSG.LGD has two more major tournaments to look forward to. The team badly needs to make a significant gain in these events to secure a direct invite in The International 2020.

On the other hand, fans praised AXX for her exceptional plays in the competitive scene. Indeed, there’s a lack of female figures in the professional esports scene. AXX is setting a great example for aspiring female players to have the courage and take the leap.

AXX currently ranks 149 among core players and 232 among supports on China’s crowded Dota 2 leaderboard.