Valorant Black market bundle

Fans think the Valorant Black Market bundle is a CSGO copy

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 10, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Did Riot Games just roll out Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Ak-47 dupe? Decide for yourself. 

Riot Games is big on skins, releasing a new bundle every other act. While the developer can be innovative with new designs, some of their latest releases have been perceived as lackluster and unexciting. However, it seems Riot is all set to break the monotony with the Black Market skin bundle. 

The Black Market bundle will replace the Altitude collection in the Valorant store. For the first time, Riot is adding skins that switch appearance for each side in Valorant. 

Black Market skins will be available for: 

  • Bulldog
  • Vandal
  • Classic
  • Marshall
  • Melee 

The Black Market bundle will appease Valorant players who have long been requesting side-specific skins or a feature that’d allow them to swap skins for attackers and defenders. Unfortunately, Riot didn’t roll out a new feature, but the new bundle is one of its kind as it changes the appearance on the round switch. 

The Black Market bundle will likely cost 7,100 Valorant points, with each weapon costing 1,775 VP and melee with a 3,500 price tag.

Did Valorant copy CSGO default skins?

Valorant Black Market Vandal

On defense, the bundle is in lighter sand tones, whereas attacker side skins are much darker. These skins are visually similar to Valorant’s infantry bundle, but keen players think the inspiration comes from elsewhere. 

Fans have identified similarities between the Black Market bundle and default skins in CSGO. The attacker’s Vandal is the spitting image of a realistic AK-47 featured in CSGO. The mahogany wood on the Vandal coupled with dark hardware, will make you do a double take. That’s not all — the Classic also looks pretty similar to the default Glock in CSGO. 

Since CSGO allows skin swapping for each side, players are convinced that Riot feels threatened by CS2. The Black Market deviates from Valorant’s upbeat skin theme and sticks to the traditional FPS feel, further attesting to player doubts.

While these similarities may be merely coincidental, their striking resemblance cannot be ignored. The extent of the skins’ visual resemblance in-game will become apparent on April 12th with the release of Black Market in the Valorant store