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Fans left concerned for xQc after he reveals he’s in a “crazy headspace”

By Olivia Richman


Nov 25, 2022

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Felix “xQc” Lengyel’s fans are concerned for The Juicer after he abruptly ended a stream, something he’s never really done before.

The former pro player has become well known for his crazy antics on stream as well as his long broadcasts. He usually streams for at least 12 hours and won’t go offline at random. That made it all the more shocking when xQc decided to end a stream without explanation recently.

xQc abruptly stops Twitch stream

On November 22, xQc had only been streaming for four hours when he announced that he had to stop. Beforehand, xQc had been stepping away multiple times to take phone calls. Nobody was quite sure what all the calls were about, but it seemed important, leaving people confused.

After several long phone calls, xQc paused Pawn Stars and addressed his chat.

“I’m not going to sugarcoat anything and make things weird, okay, but something is happening. And chat, it’s the first time in my entire career I’ve done this before. Something is going on that needs my full attention and, um, I have to attend to it and give it my full attention. I just have to,” xQc said in a nervous voice.

Fans were left even more perplexed with xQc added that he’s “in a crazy headspace.” He said he didn’t want to make things “weird or odd,” but the abrupt end of the stream was worrisome for most of his followers. They immediately flooded the chat with questions and well wishes.

There have been no social media updates since the confusing stream.

What happened to xQc?

xQc has been dealing with a lot of drama and health issues recently.

A month ago, xQc revealed that he went to urgent care due to unbearable pain and bleeding from his ears. It left him unable to hear, and he couldn’t even chew.

“I don’t know what the fuck is going on, I’m gonna snap,” he said.

xQc broke up with long-time girlfriend Adept last month due to an alleged clash between his family. Adept and xQc exchanged some harsh words after the breakup went public. Then xQc was spotted making out with another streamer, nyyxxii. But that relationship was short-lived due to some drama between the nyyxxii and Adept.


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