Execration win MPGL Asian Championship

By Neslyn Apduhan


Jul 9, 2018

Reading time: 1 min

After a failed journey in the Dota Pro Circuit, Execration have taken their first international tournament victory.

The 2018 MPGL Asian Championship was held in Central Plaza Khon Kaen, Thailand, with participants including some of Asia’s most promising squads, such as EVOS Esports of Indonesia and Keen Gaming of China.

Among this field of teams, Clutch Gamers and Execration emerged as the strongest and earned the right to fight for the championship title.

Clutch Gamers started strong in the final series. At 10 minutes they managed to kill an enemy in each lane within the span of 10 seconds.  Lai Jay “Ahjit” Son’s Nyx Assassin made perfect rotations to ensure that Execration would not bounce back. Kim “Gabbi” Villafeute’s Juggernaut totaled 15 kills and no deaths. The 28-kill advantage of Clutch Gamers ended the game at 34 minutes.

The second game wasn’t as easy. Clutch Gamers executed some successful rotations early but a big clash at the 13th minute turned things around. Despite AhJit’s tanky Timbersaw, Execration found enough ways into the Clutch back line to secure the win.

Execration found another win in the third game through Fernando “Nando” Mendoza’s Faceless Void and Kimuel Barromeo “Kimo” Rodis’ perfectly positioned Warlock spells.

The fourth and decisive game was the best of the series. Execration gained the upper hand with a great smoke gank. After a desperate fight in the Roshan pit went awry, Clutch Gamers admitted defeat.

While Execration will surely remain disappointed for having failed to qualify for this year’s edition of The International, the team’s MPGL victory proved that it is still one of the strongest squads in Southeast Asia.


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