Everything you need to know about Gran Turismo 7

By Nicholas James


Mar 4, 2022

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The latest Gran Turismo game is finally out. Here’s how to speed down the tracks in Gran Turismo 7.

Gran Turismo is one of the premier names in racing games and its seventh installment has just shelves and digital retail options. Here’s where to buy Gran Turismo 7, how to play, and what to expect.

Where can you buy Gran Turismo 7?

Gran Turismo is a Playstation exclusive and can be purchased through physical retailers or via the PlayStation Store. It is available exclusively on the PS4 and PS5, so fans hoping to battle racing controls with mouse and keyboard are spared the struggle.

How do you play Gran Turismo?

There are three options for purchasing Gran Turismo 7. The first is the Standard Edition for the PS4 at $59.99 USD, then a PS4 and PS5 edition for $69.99, and finally the Digital Deluxe Edition that includes the original soundtrack, a unique Toyota GT Yaris, 1.5 million in-game currency, and unique avatars for your profile at $89.99.

If you’re planning to play on PS4 only, the cheapest version is all you’ll need. If you’re playing on PS5 you’ll have to pay 10 more dollars for the most modern version, and the Digital Deluxe Edition is reserved for the most invested Gran Turismo fans.

Gran Turismo promises all the usual features of its previous editions, with an impressive variety of vehicles that you can take to its various racing tracks. Gran Turismo 7 just launched on March 4, 2022. It had been thought to be a shoo-in for a launch title on the PlayStation 5, but took until now to release. The game offers a ton of ways to play, from quick races to longer seasons and connected competitions.

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Will there be DLC or microtransactions?

If your preferred form of escapism is hitting perfect turns and optimizing your time around tons of courses, this game is the experience for you. The game also includes microtransactions that offer additional content for money even after the game has been purchased. Other downloadable content is sure to come with time, adding new cars and courses almost certainly.

The microtransactions live on day one have already gotten some pushback from fans who dislike paid content being added on the first day of a game’s lifespan when it at already requires a significant upfront cost.

Does Gran Turismo 7 have car damage?

Gran Turismo 7 will include damage mechanics for players who find their cars coming too close for comfort with walls, obstacles, and other vehicles. Dents, scrapes, and other cosmetic damage will appear on the car and the controls will become more awkward and less responsive, growing sluggish as the car’s state deteriorates.

These look to be a step up from some previous Gran Turismo games, where damage wasn’t something you’d have to actively worry about throughout the course of a race.

Will Gran Turismo 7 have free roam?

Gran Turismo 7 will not have an open world or free-roaming gameplay, despite seemingly every other genre trying to capitalize on the popularity of sandbox environments. You’ll be constrained to the pre-determined tracks and courses, learning how to take every twist and turn with precision. If you’re looking for a free-roaming driving game to relax, it probably isn’t the next pick-up for your collection.


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