Project L Ekko Darius

Everything we learned from new Project L gameplay

By Nicholas James


Dec 6, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Project L is the highly anticipated fighting game from Riot Games set in Runeterra. Here’s everything we learned from the latest Project L gameplay video.

Riot Games is set on trying to dominate the biggest gaming spaces after dwarfing the MOBA space with League of Legends, making a huge bang with the entrance of Valorant for tac-shooters, TFT for auto battlers, and now Project L for fighting games.

After a big-picture update earlier in the year, a Project L gameplay video from Riot Games has given fans a much clearer picture of the game.

Project L gameplay reveals core mechanics

The new video for Riot Games’ upcoming fighter that was released earlier this week gave fans a much deeper glimpse at the things they can expect from the game. This began with Riot doubling down on their goal to make Project L easy to pick up, but difficult and rewarding to master.

Riot specified there will be many types of movement: walking, running, dashing, chain-dashing, jump, long jump, and super jump. This is only the list of universal options, as many champions will have their own ways to navigate the air. The studio says that there will be defensive systems starting with blocking, but advancing beyond that to custom systems that reward the player for successfully predicting their opponent.

Project L brings tag team battles back

While it originated as a classic 1v1 fighter, Project L has been a tag team-based fighter for two years now, and Riot decided to shed some more light on that during the Project L gameplay video. You have the main champion, called your point champion, and your backup, your assist champion, which can both be swapped between during the fight.

Assist actions can be performed by off-screen champions, but the champion doesn’t stick around to stay. Handshake Tags can be used to swap to an on-screen assist champion from your point champion, putting them back in the wings and letting the assist champion get some of the glory.

The last mechanic revealed is Dynamic Save. Dynamic Save calls the assist champion onto the screen, saving your main champion, but a careful player can counter this and make you waste it. Overall, Riot’s new game looks as sleek as ever, and fighting game fans can be excited about this new installation.


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