Everything to know about BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen

By Nick Johnson


Oct 30, 2019

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RFRSH Entertainment has revealed the scheduled matchups for this weekend’s BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen tournament.

Six of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s most recognizable teams will be in attendance, and the final regular season BLAST event should shed some light on how these teams will perform in the upcoming gamut of tournaments in the winter season.

BLAST’s unique format is not changing for the showdown in Copenhagen. Teams will all play in a single group, round-robin format. The two teams with the best records at the end of the string of games will play for the lion’s share of the $250K prize pool.

But there’s more at stake than just the money. This is the final event before the BLAST Pro Series Global Finals, which means that this is the last opportunity for participating teams to pick up the points needed to qualify for the event. 

While WIN.gg has a full preview of the possibilities of BLAST Copenhagen’s results, it is worth mentioning again that Ninjas in Pyjamas simply have to finish in fifth place or higher in order to secure the final spot at the BLAST Pro Series Global Finals.

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen participating teams

The six original BLAST teams will make the trip to Denmark this weekend to participate in the final iteration of the series before the Global Finals.

  • Astralis
  • Cloud9
  • FaZe Clan 
  • Team Liquid
  • Natus Vincere
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas

Each of these teams were the initial invitees to the BLAST Pro Series. Throughout the season, an invited team would sit out one of five BLAST events while a regional team took their place in the tournament. BLAST Copenhagen will feature the original six invitees as a precursor to the Global Finals in December.

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen format 

BLAST plays its series differently than most tournaments. All matches are best-of-ones with the exception of the best-of-three grand final. Secondly, BLAST broadcasts two and sometimes three matches simultaneously, both on Twitch and live in the arena. Attendees can watch all ongoing games simultaneously, making for a frantic experience.

Games will be played out over two days, with six wrapping up on day one and more nine taking place on day two. After the conclusion of the official matches, BLAST has one more unique experience in store before the top two teams take to the server for the grand final.

The BLAST Pro Series Standoff, a series of 1v1 competitions contested between players on a variety of special BLAST Pro Series maps is the tournament organizer’s version of a showmatch. The third-place team chooses which among the other losing squads they would like to challenge. After a series of 1v1s, the team that has the highest score head-to-head takes home $20K. The Standoff is often full of moments like this one, and it is always a highlight of BLAST Events.

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen Schedule, Matchups, and Maps

Day 1, November 1


Cloud9 vs NiP (Overpass)

Astralis vs FaZe (Inferno)

Na`vi vs Team Liquid (Dust2)

3:20 PM EDT

Na`Vi vs Faze (Nuke)

Astralis vs NiP (Overpass)

Cloud9 vs Team Liquid (Inferno)

Day 2, November 2 


Team Liquid vs Astralis (Nuke)

Cloud9 vs Na`Vi (Train)

FaZe vs NiP (Dust2)

10:20 AM EDT

Na`Vi vs Astralis (Nuke)

Cloud9 vs FaZe (Inferno) 

Team Liquid  vs NiP (Mirage)

11:40 AM EDT

Na`Vi vs NiP (Nuke)

FaZe vs Team Liquid (Inferno)

Astralis vs Cloud9 (Nuke).


BLAST Standoff Showmatch


Grand Final – TBD vs TBD


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