BLAST Global Final’s last team to be determined in Copenhagen

By Nick Johnson


Oct 26, 2019

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When the BLAST Pro Series Global Final kicks off on December 12, fans will be able to see the circuit’s top four teams duke it out in Bahrain for the top prize of $350,000.

RFRSH Entertainment’s BLAST Pro Series originally started in 2017 as a series of low-pressure tournaments with an emphasis on the fan experience. That changed when organizer RFRSH Entertainment reworked the standalone events into a rebranded tournament circuit. While BLAST’s signature best-of-one format remains the same, 2019 saw participating teams acquire points to earn a spot in the BLAST Global Finals in Bahrain.

At the BLAST Pro Series’ inception, RFRSH chose Astralis, Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere, Ninjas in Pyjamas, MIBR, and Cloud9 to be the fixtures for the events. With each placement, teams gained the points they need to qualify for BLAST’s ultimate tournament.

As of today, Team Liquid, Astralis, and FaZe Clan have already locked up their spots in the Global Finals, while MiBR has already been mathematically eliminated from qualifying.

As the final qualifying BLAST tournament, BLAST Copenhagen will serve as the final chance for NiP, Cloud9 and Na`Vi to punch their ticket for their final spot in the Global Finals.

NiP fifth-place finish at BLAST Copenhagen to take spot in BLAST Global Finals

NiP has the best statistical chance to make it to the Global Finals, but the organization has struggled recently.

NiP is still adjusting to the deactivation of longtime captain and star player Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund. In addition to playing under NiP for the vast majority of his career, he is also considered by many to be one of CSGO’s all-time most impactful players.

NiP replaced GeT_RiGhT with Simon “twist” Eliasson from Fnatic. Early showings indicate that this version of NiP could make some waves in the coming tournaments, but only consistent showings from the team can make that a reality. Luckily for NiP, they only have to finish in fifth place or higher in order to become the fourth and final team to qualify for the Global Finals.

Cloud9 and Na`Vi Need to Pick it up at BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen

With a final glance at the standings, it’s clear that Na`Vi and Cloud9 have an enormous amount of work to do in order to make it to the Global Finals. Na`Vi is fresh off bringing back one of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s most famous AWPers, Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács, and will look to repeat as BLAST Copenhagen champions after winning the last tournament played there in 2018.

Cloud9, on the other hand, is still dealing with internal turmoil after a slew of roster moves made following the team’s failure to qualify for the StarLadder Berlin Major through the Minor qualifiers. Making Cloud9’s possible run even more difficult is the recent benching of Tyson “TenZ” Ngo in favor of Yassine “Subroza”‘ Taoufik just earlier this week.

BLAST’s Global Finals are right around the corner, but fans can still look forward to BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen giving them their last finalist for Bahrain. Copenhagen will play host to the BLAST Pro Series on November 1 through November 2.


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