XDefiant factions

All factions in XDefiant and their abilities

By Olivia Richman


May 31, 2024

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Ubisoft’s hero shooter XDefiant stands out for its unique faction component. Factions in XDefiant have special abilities inspired by popular Ubisoft IPs.

Every faction in XDefiant has a passive and then the choice of two abilities to bring into a match. They also each have an ultimate ability called an ultra. These abilities define each faction’s strengths and strategies in the game.

Factions in XDefiant explained

Every faction in XDefiant has its own interesting playstyles. Here are the current factions in the hero shooter.


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This faction is inspired from Yara revolutionaries found in the Carribean in Far Cry 6. This faction is focused on healing themselves and their allies, making them very useful and supportive to have.

Libertad faction abilities

  • Médico Supremo (Ultra): The Médico backpack provides a large health and healing boost for a limited time
  • El Remédio (Ability): Launch a revitalizing gas canister that heals friendlies until destroyed or canceled
  • Biovida Boost (Ability): A fortifying wave boosts total health and regen for you and nearby allies
  • Espíritu de Libertad (Passive): The contagious spirit of freedom slowly heals you and nearby allies


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With shields and barriers, this faction is focused on battlefield control and defense. These characters are inspired by the ex-Ghosts in Ghost Recon Phantoms, using the game’s many gadgets to help tank damage.

Phantom faction abilities

  • Aegis (Ultra): A spherical plasma shield combined with an electro-scattergun for close-quarters combat
  • Mag Barrier (Ability): An electromagnetic barrier blocks incoming enemy fire and grenades
  • Blitz Shield (Ability): Equip a tactical shield. Press the Melee button for a shield bash
  • Hardened (Passive): Health increased as a result of tailored gene therapies


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This faction inspired by Splinter Cell is all about stealth. Your playstyle is focused on staying hidden and dealing surprise damage to enemies before they can react. Echelon players want to outsmart opponents and always remain one step ahead.

Echelon faction abilities

  • Sonar Goggles (Ultra): Reveal enemies and hunt them down with the classic Third Echelon 5.7 pistol
  • Intel Suit (Ability): Shares the location of nearby enemies with your team
  • Digital Ghillie Suit (Ability): Renders the agent nearly invisible. Movement and aiming reduce the effect
  • Low Profile (Passive): Agent does not appear on enemy minimaps


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The damage-focused cleaners come from The Division 2. All of their abilities are focused on ensuring your dealing the most damage possible, whether it’s using a flamethrower or throwing a Molotov cocktail. Cleaners are basically just very explosive, making you tough to approach.

Cleaners faction abilities

  • The Purifier (Ultra): A flamethrower ensures enemies are thoroughly sterilized
  • Incinerator Drone (Ability): A napalm-delivering drone burns everything in its flight path
  • Firebomb (Ability): Detonate a Molotov cocktail, causing explosive damage and igniting the area
  • Incendiary Rounds (Passive): Incendiary ammo inflicts extra burn damage but decreases weapon range


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DedSec are inspired by the hackers in Watch Dogs 2. You become a very disruptive force on the battlefield, interfering with enemies’ HUD and abilities. You also have Spiderbots that do some dirty work for you.

DedSec faction abilities

  • Lockout (Ultra): Disable the enemies’ HUD, minimap, and abilities in the affected area
  • Hijack (Ability): Hack enemy-deployed abilities and make them your own
  • Spiderbot (Ability): Deploy a Spiderbot that will target and stun the nearest foe via face hug
  • Fabricator (Passive): After a device is deployed, the Fabricator prints a new one

This is all you need to know about factions in XDefiant.


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