EternalEnvy leaves Complexity two months after joining

By Steven Rondina


Nov 22, 2018

Reading time: 1 min

compLexity’s EternaLEnVy era is over almost as quickly as it began.

Just two months after building a lineup around popular pro player Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao, the organization has announced a massive shakeup to its Dota 2 roster. EternaLEnVy and offlane player Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu have been released to free agency. Meanwhile, carry player Rolen Andrei Gabriel “Skemberlu” Ong has been benched pending his release to another team.

The news was announced by the team across its social media channels.

Despite entering the 2018-2019 Dota Pro Circuit season as one of the most intriguing North American sides, CompLexity has struggled to live up to any expectations pinned on it.

Since its formation in September, coL has flopped in each LAN event it has participated in, most recently posting a disappointing fifth-place performance at DreamLeague Season 10. Making matters worse, Skemberlu’s time with the organization has been marred by visa issues and a controversy stemming from a racist chat incident during a pro game.

Though the lineup might have later gelled into a more solid team, coL General Manager Kyle “Beef” Bautista hinted in the announcement that disagreements between the organization and the two released players led to the players requesting their releases. As for Skemberlu, Beef stated that coL is “helping him to find a new team,” citing “some concerns over recent events” as well as his inability to travel easily.

At this time, coL has just two players on its Dota 2 roster: veterans Linus “Limmp” Blomdin and Zakari “Zfreek” Freedman. Beef has alluded to being close to securing replacements for the departing players.

CoL is currently scheduled to participate in the North American qualifiers for the Chongqing Major, which begin on November 28. Look for the organization to reveal a new lineup of players before then.