EternaLEnVy is getting a lot of crazy Dota 2 tattoos

Steven Rondina • October 14, 08:30

Anybody that has followed the career of Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao knows that he loves Dota 2 more than most people love anything. Now, he’s making sure that people who don’t follow him know it, too.

The North American journeyman has been chronicling his latest adventure with the game on his suddenly active Instagram. That adventure is getting a Dota 2-themed double-sleeve tattoo. EternaLEnVy is in the middle of having his first arm done up, and he posted the results:

EternaLEnVy has an almost fully completed Ember Spirit on his right shoulder. When it’s done, the tattoo artist will move down below his elbow and add in Drow Ranger. The left arm will have Phantom Assassin on the shoulder, with both forms of Terrorblade below.

He posted what the completed version will look like on Twitter:

EternaLEnVy remains a constant pro presence in Dota 2

While EternaLEnVy’s Dota 2 career has been defined by the many controversies he’s been involved in, his motivation has never really been called into question. EE’s career famously started with a forum announcement that he was going to drop out of school to go pro in Dota 2. In fairly short order, he was playing for a top team in No Tidehunter.

In the days since he’s had some great successes such as winning the Shanghai Major, but the last two years have been defined by his inability to settle down with one team. This has seen him struggle to stay relevant at the top of the pro scene. 

Despite that, he recently discussed how much Dota 2 meant to him and how he wouldn’t trade a career in the game for anything. Now he is getting the ink to prove it, and by the time he’s done, he’ll look the part of one of the world’s most dedicated Dota 2 fans.


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