Esports stars to play IRL Rocket League at Das Race Goal

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Thanks to Das Race Goal, esports fans can tune in to watch their favorite stars play IRL Rocket League for charity.

Das Race Goal is an upcoming charity event that will push icons from across gaming and esports to team up with influencers and disadvantaged youths to play a real-life version of Rocket League with custom RC cars. Fans can tune in for free on December 12 to watch it all play out. The event is a partnership between esports host LVL Global and BMW’s esports division. The funds raised by the event will go to the United Nations Population Fund.

Das Race Goal will feature three esports stars from across the gaming industry. Two-time The International champion Johan “N0tail” Sundstein will headline the fundraising event. Fortnite icon Olivia “Loeya” Sigg will represent her sponsor Fnatic. G2 Esports content creator Cailee “Cailee” Hastings rounds out the list. Each esports star will team up with an influencer and a young beneficiary of the Population Fund to compete in the main event. 

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Each team of three will compete in a real-life version of Rocket League. Players will pilot radio-controlled cars in an effort to score goals, block shots, and style on their opponents. Special technology will even allow players to earn power-ups and activate special effects. The hosts even commissioned custom-made RC cars for the event.

How to watch Das Race Global

The Das Race Goal event will be streamed entirely for free on the official LVL Global Twitch channel. The show will begin at 1 pm CST on December 12. UNFPA Geneva Office chief Mónica Ferro will host the festivities.

Das Race Goal will raise money and awareness for several United Nations’ youth and adolescent empowerment programs. Das Race Goal is a joint venture between LVL Global and BMW. LVL is an international esports venue and content brand with experience across multiple titles. German luxury vehicle company BMW sponsors several esports teams including FunPlus Phoenix, G2 Esports, and N0tail’s own esports sponsor OG.