ESL One Fall Bootcamp group stage opening round betting picks

By Kenneth Williams


Aug 19, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

ESL One Fall on patch 7.30 is guaranteed to be entertaining, but its group stage format could make it even more lucrative.

The group stage of ESL One Fall Bootcamp Edition is best-of-two with a point system. In addition to fun storylines created by ties, that means higher odds and bigger payouts for savvy Dota 2 bettors. This tournament is your last chance to bolster your funds before The International 10 kicks off in October. These are the best betting opportunities for ESL One Fall’s first group stage gameday.

Thunder Predator vs Tundra Esports betting analysis

Tundra Esports came within two team fights of defeating OG and claiming the European TI10 qualifier slot, so Tundra’s 2.83 odds to 2-0 Thunder Predator seems understated. None of Tundra’s cheesier strategies got directly nerfed aside from mid Winter Wyvern.

In fact, the new upgrade route for Helm of the Dominator might be a direct buff to Neta “33” Shapira’s no starting items shenanigans. Thunder Predator’s last competitive event was the second season of the DPC in May. The addition of Clinton “Fear” Loomis as TP’s coach may help, but this match should likely go to Tundra cleanly.

T1 vs Tundra Esports betting analysis

After the opening match, Tundra will be forced into a much more difficult series against T1. The Southeast Asian squad established itself as a threat with a third-place finish at WePlay AniMajor and won ESL One Summer over, OG, Alliance, and other top teams.

Both rosters rely heavily on their mid-laners, so keep your eyes glued to Leon “Nine” Kirilin and Karl Baldovino during the laning stage. This match is much more difficult to call, but a $20 bet on a 1-1 finish would earn $41.80.

Team Empire vs Alliance betting analysis

At first glance, this seems like an easy win for Alliance. The European team placed third at ESL One Summer and secured a guaranteed spot at The International 10. However, Team Empire is poised for an upset. The squad has been on a tear.

Empire did not qualify for The International 10, but that loss could be your betting gain as Team Empire has no reason to save strategies or tactics. If Alliance shows the slightest sign of weakness against SG e-sports, Empire could take this series 2-0 in a flash at 8.00 odds. vs Team Spirit betting analysis

The two best teams in eastern Europe get to clash one more time before The International 10. Both squads carry some momentum from recent victories. took silver at ESL One Summer after two very close series losses to T1. Team Spirit is fresh off a $20,000 championship victory at Dota 2 Champions League Season 2.

Spirit has always been the more creative of the two squads, so the new patch might help them take a game. Historically, this match should go to the bears 2-0 at 2.27 odds but Team Spirit stands a very good chance of ending it 1-1.