ESIC admits initial CSGO coach bug investigation was “lacking”

By Olivia Richman


May 13, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The Esports Integrity Commission has released an official statement regarding the ongoing coach bug investigation.

The Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association recently shared a statement from ESIC discussing some updates to the ongoing investigation. A coaching bug being exploited in professional CSGO competitions was first investigated in 2020, resulting in more than 30 coaches receiving suspensions from competitive events. The bug allowed coaches to unfairly spectate matches to gain insight into the enemy team’s positioning and strategy.

But since that initial investigation, more coaches have been found guilty of using the bug. This has led to a lot of drama in the CSGO community, with some coaches complaining after being suspended mere days before major events.

“Over the last few months rumors started to appear that there was more to the ‘coach bug’ scandal than what was originally uncovered. It now has come to light that more coaches were using some form of the ‘coach bug,'” ESIC wrote.

What are the coach bug updates from ESIC?

According to the ESIC, the CSPPA board has been working over the last few months to uncover which coaches and teams were guilty of using the coach bug, since some were not punished during the first ban wave. They went on to thank the CSGO community and some of its prominent members for aiding in the ongoing investigation.

“While CSPPA does appreciate the work being done by ESIC in general, we feel the original investigation was lacking and the sanctioning of this second batch of coaches took far too long,” ESIC said.

ESIC added that it’s “detrimental” to the scene’s competitive integrity to continue the investigation. They are hoping to improve and streamline the investigation process going forward. They also noted that there will be “more transparency” in the future.