Epic Games reverts turbo building nerf after community outrage

By Melany Moncada


Aug 29, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Epic Games is going back on the turbo building changes introduced in Fortnite patch 10.20.

Season X continues to be the most controversial and problematic for the developer. Epic Games has been heavily criticized for adding overpowered items in the game like the BRUTE mech. The most recent patch also changed the turbo building mechanic that allowed players, as the name indicates, to build faster. After the change, the players had to click every time they wanted to build something.

The change prevents the players from spamming walls and more effectively protecting themselves from attacks. The delay went from 0.05 to 0.15 seconds. According to Epic Games, the goal was even the conditions between 0 ping players and high ping players. Fortnite streamers and personalities took over social media to complain about the change.  

“One day game developers will realize that you can’t protect noobs from getting bopped,” wrote Team SoloMid’s player Daequan wrote on Twitter.

TSM Myth is also among those streamers who vocally complained. Myth became most popular by playing Fortnite. He stood out because of his ability to build better than most other players. The nerf directly affected his performance.

#RevertTurboBuilding trends worldwide on Twitter


Players raised their voice against the change. #RevertTurboBuilding was soon trending globally on Twitter. The players used the hashtag to demand a change in the game.

In the past, players have used the same strategy to no avail. #RemoveTheMech was trending globally and yet Epic Games kept the controversial BRUTE mechs in the game. The developer nerfed mechs in patch 10.20, reducing their health and the number of rockets they shoot. The mech remains overpowered.

But while Epic Games is keeping the BRUTE, but the company is going back on the building changes. One day after the patch went live, Epic reverted building to its previous stats. There is a catch, as replacing a structure that was destroyed still takes 0.15 seconds.

There’s hope for players that if Epic Games changed turbo building, they might one day take the BRUTE out of the game.