Epic Games releases new information on Fortnite Scallywag Cup

Olivia Richman • March 14, 23:00

Qualifying is coming to a close for Fortnite’s $100,000 Scallywag Cup.

Players who place in the top three percent in the Gauntlet Test Event will unlock this in-game tournament. The Gauntlet Test Event ranks players based on a points system, with Victory Royales being worth three points, and the potential for 10 total points per game. Each elimination is worth one point. Each match played reduces players’ score by two points. Participants with a negative score at the end of the tournament will have their points reset to zero.

On Saturday, duo teams will compete in Round One, the semifinals. Each round will be its own three hour session, with participants maxing out at 10 matches a session.

Epic Games has now announced the specifics of the Scallywag Cup.

The top 1,500 teams in each region at the end of Round One will advance to the finals. By the event’s conclusion, the top 25 teams from each region will be rewarded a cash prize to split between each two-person squad.

North American teams from the East region will receive $2,500 for first place, and $1,000 will go to first-place North American teams from the West region. The duo ranked number one in Europe will win $3,500. First-place finishers from the Oceania region, Brazil, and Asia will all receive $1,000. While Epic Games didn’t explain the official reasoning for the various prize amounts, players have speculated that it has to do with the amount of active players on each server.

Epic Games first announced the Scallywag Duos Cup along with the release of Patch 8.10. The game developer stated that this tournament will serve as a test leading up to the Fortnite World Cup.


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