Epic Games just released an official Fortnite clips app

By Nicholas James


Feb 11, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Looking for ways to share your best Victory Royales, amazing build speed, or Deku Smash kills? Epic Games just released an official Fortnite clips app called Postparty.

This app is tailor-made to let Fortnite players publish their best clips on social media. This seems to be an excellent addition to Fortnite’s presence, making it easier for impressive clips to be shared online. The official Fortnite clips apps can be connected with a player’s Epic Games profile and used to download, edit, and export clips from games of Fortnite.

Epic releases official Fortnite clips app

While there have been many ways to record sections of gameplay in Fortnite, the addition of Postparty cuts out the middle-man and lets Epic Games control the content. The mobile app is available for iOS and Android and can be used with clips from PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. It’s already possible to capture and share moments in Fortnite, whether through the game’s replay feature or a third-party application. Postparty simply looks to make the pipeline from gameplay moment to social media share quicker and more efficient.

Players who don’t have Postparty set up will be prompted to set it up when playing Fortnite, with the game telling players to jump in on the action. It’s compatible with all of Fortnite’s platforms, so it’s likely that Postparty will become the most popular way to share Fortnite clips. Epic Games signalled that something of this type was probably in the works when it purchased the mobile social media application Houseparty and its developer Life On Air in 2019.

What is the Postparty app?

The app appears to be made by the Houseparty developer, Life On Air. The point of the Postparty app is to give Epic Games direct control over how its players record, edit, and share content. Enabling its game to be better publicized and easier to create content from is a win-win for Epic and its players. The previous Fortnite replay system was unreliable at times, with glitches where it failed to reproduce gameplay conditions. This new program would allow fans to directly clip highlights while playing.

The nature of instant recording allows better gameplay capture and less toil to capture the footage. It also means less work for content creators and gamers looking to quickly edit and upload clips. So whether you’re trying to export your sick 1v4 to your friends or upload content for professional reasons, Postparty has it all in one place. Supposedly this feature on the Postparty app has been available to some for a while, with some Twitter users showing proof of its existence in 2022.

Once recorded inside of Fortnite, the clip becomes available on Postparty. From there, any editing, trimming, or modifications can be done in the built-in editing system. After that, simply save and export the file to use on the social media platform of your choice.


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