Epic Games addresses major glitch in Fortnite Championship Series

Olivia Richman • November 22, 02:00

Epic Games has finally offered a solution to an ongoing scoring issue in the Fortnite Championship Series. 

Big-name pro Fortnite players like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Benjy “Benjyfishy” Fish had their squads fall victim to a major glitch where they were queued into matches with an incomplete team. For the teammate that failed to load into the game, their points were seemingly erased from the event scoreboards.

This is a bug that could see teams lose out on prize money or fail to qualify for upcoming rounds if the necessary points were not counted, or if their incomplete team simply couldn’t compete with the unaffected opponents’ full squads. 

“We are aware of an issue during the FNCS where teams wouldn’t receive their points if a player failed to join the game,” the competitive Fortnite Twitter account said yesterday. 

The tweet went on to say that Round 3 scoring would be corrected for all previous weeks, including updated prizing and qualifications after the adjustments. Many followers were astonished that Epic had let the issue go on this long, and had even given out prize money to some teams already that may not have actually won anything once the scores were properly adjusted. 

Epic noted in a later press release that they wouldn’t be taking prize money from the teams who won under the incorrect scoring. 

NRG’s Benjamin “Edgey” Peterson took to Twitter to show off his team’s new placement after the leaderboards had been adjusted to reflect teams’ true points. 

Fortnite Championship Series adjusted score Epic

Points glitch is latest controversy for Epic Games and Fortnite

Simply adjusting points won’t help some of the teams affected by the glitch.

Ninja and his squad, which included Malachi “Reverse2k” Greiner, Nate “NateHill” Hill, and Trevor “Funk” Siegler, failed to qualify during Week 3 when Funk didn’t load into their final match. The loss of a team member had the squad scrambling to think of a new strategy, but they ultimately couldn’t compete with teams that had all four of their members present at the beginning of the match. 

Epic fixing the scoreboard wouldn’t address the issues the bug caused in-game for Ninja and for other similarly affected squads.

Earlier today, Epic addressed this issue in an official press release. The developers explained that they would continue to monitor the issue and that they are “working toward a resolution.” Unfortunately, this doesn’t yet help teams that were already affected in past weeks of the Fortnite Championship Series, but it could give the affected teams a chance to fight for a qualifying spot again in upcoming weeks without the continuing fear of being affected by the bug. 

Epic said that meanwhile, squads who encounter these issues can submit feedback via the in-game settings with the text “!missing squad.” 


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