EHOME heads to Chongqing Major after Bucharest win

By Neslyn Apduhan


Jan 18, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

EHOME is the last team heading to the Chongqing Major.

As the winning team in the Bucharest Minor, EHOME has received a coveted slot in the upcoming Dota 2 major, along with 120 Dota Pro Circuit points and $125,000.

The Bucharest Minor boasted a total prize pool of $300,00 USD and 500 DPC points were up for grabs. EHOME faced Gambit Esports in the final.

The first game went to EHOME as they dominated throughout. The team’s Kunkka and Huskar consistently topped the net worth chart. Gambit did manage some solid team fights, but the game was EHOME’s throughout.

Gambit found their stride in game two and proved that they could measure up to the then-undefeated EHOME side. Gambit’s Anti-Mage proved unkillable and the team’s Nature’s Prophet pick was constantly trapping EHOME’s core heroes during team fights with his Sprout ability.

Gambit Esports failed initially finish off EHOME’s ancient. The Chinese team’s Keeper of the Light made it difficult for Gambit to complete a push. But EHOME’s defense eventually gave way, and the team had to tap out.

The third game was the closest of the series. EHOME started to snowball at the 20-minute mark when they killed Gambit’s Death Prophet and Meepo.  EHOME’s Shadow Fiend with Luna cores melted those of Gambit as the Chinese team weathered Meepo’s power spike, giving them the victory and setting up match point.

EHOME needed the fourth game to win the tournament and found little resistance from Gabit in taking it. Early team fight victories were quickly converted into objectives for the Chinese side. EHOME’s Phantom Assassin crushed Gambit, building such strength that it could kill the Gambit supports with just one critical strike.  

EHOME took game four within 28 minutes and finished the tournament with a decisive win.