Early GG call prematurely ends pro Dota 2 game

By Neslyn Apduhan


Jan 15, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

A premature GG call from BOOM ID provided a tragic ending to the team’s Bucharest Minor run.

The Dota Pro Circuit tournament’s playoff stage commenced with a lower bracket series between BOOM ID and TEAM TEAM. The first game was close, with the two teams trading kills and the gold advantage.

At the 20-minute mark, BOOM ID successfully caught the cores of TEAM TEAM out of position. BOOM ID took advantage by pushing down the TEAM TEAM tier 3 tower in the top lane. Randy Muhammad “Dreamocel” Sapoetra’s Slark was a key player, dealing huge damage and avoiding deaths.

But even as BOOM ID pushed back their enemies the team failed to take important objectives. TEAM TEAM continued accuring farm on Medusa and soon took a tier 3 tower for their own.

The game’s last clash between the sides heavily favored TEAM TEAM as BOOM ID lost three heroes including their core Slark. TEAM TEAM sought to end the game then and there.

After respawning, Dreamocel tried to defend the remaining tier 4 tower and his team’s ancient, but TEAM TEAM quickly locked him down. Dreamocel then called GG, ending the game in TEAM TEAM’s favor.

What BOOM ID failed to notice was that their own creeps were winning the game for them. While fighting occurred near the BOOM ID ancient, two waves of their BOOM ID’s creeps were attacking the enemy’s ancient.

Based on the Twitch VOD, fans have since concluded that BOOM ID could’ve won the game had they let the creeps do their jobs rather than making the premature “GG” call.

Shortly after the game, the BOOM ID did its best to justify the team’s action in a Twitter post.

BOOM ID found their stride in the second game and got a small measure redemption with a win that forced a deciding third game in the series. But TEAM TEAM took game three with a pair of dominating performances on Terrorblade and Pugna.

Ultimately, the massive gaffe in game one cost BOOM ID its Bucharest Minor run and a chance to play in the upcoming Chongqing Major.