Dynasty won’t allow Spitfire fan meeting in Seoul

Morten Marstal • August 4, 2018 1:53 pm

London Spitfire General Manager Susie Kim has announced that the Seoul Dynasty would not approve a fan meeting in Seoul for the Spitfire, whose players are all from South Korea.

The backlash was instantaneous, with some fans criticising her transparency and the team’s lack of planning for a London meetup. Kim indicated that the team was working on a fan meetup in London for October, but that the team had also wanted to greet fans in Korea.

Kim was asked about a meeting in other Korean cities, and while she admitted they could do a meeting in Busan, Kim also relented that it didn’t make sense logistically with Contenders finals and the Overwatch World Cup which is being held closer to Seoul. Attempts were made at a joint fan meeting between the Dynasty and Spitfire two teams, but the Dynasty declined that too.


With some fans angry that Kim would call out the Seoul Dynasty for their decision, Kim acknowledged the criticism but said that if she didn’t address it, questions would continue and her lack of explanation would have met with similar backlash.

At the end of her comment, she reiterated the team’s love for their fans in the UK, speaking at the criticism that the Spitfire haven’t done enough to interact with home fans in London.


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