DWG KIA jungler Canyon fined for account sharing

By Nicholas James


Oct 6, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

DWG KIA’s jungler Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu has been fined, along with the DWG organization, for account sharing. The punishment follows a since-deleted content piece published by DWG KIA in which Canyon shared his account with ex-IZ*ONE artist Hyewon Kang.

The LCK has announced that DWG KIA will be fined ₩2,000,000 won, approximately $1,700 USD, while Canyon was fined ₩300,000, which is close to $250. The LCK champion’s attempt at original content backfired, with the organization taking to social media to explain the situation. In a statement, DWG KIA says that the account sharing was due to a misunderstanding regarding Riot’s rules. Presuming the restrictions on account sharing applied only to ranked play, DWG thought it was well within the lines of compliance.

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The incident seems benign but serves to highlight the gravity with which Riot Games takes account sharing. This sort of response isn’t unique to Riot however, with Korea having stringent laws focusing on account sharing, boosting, and other underhanded gaming techniques. Korea’s infrastructural and legal response to the rise of esports has been much quicker, if not more severe, than many other countries. Related legislation made waves in 2019, levying potentially serious consequences against players engaging in any untoward activity through gaming channels.

Canyon also received a 30-day suspension on his Korean account, which will likely end up being entirely inconsequential given Canyon’s current attendance at the World Championship 2021. Overall, Riot’s response is a slap on the wrist and little more. DWG KIA stands as a contender for this year’s Worlds trophy, and this ruling will have no effect on the team’s play.


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