DrLupo banned from Twitch, here’s why and for how long

Kenneth Williams • May 15, 2022 2:30 pm

Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo has been banned from Twitch for “unwanted sexual advances,” but what actually happened?

Twitch temporarily banned DrLupo from the platform. The ban was announced by DrLupo himself on May 15. An official statement from Twitch stated that the ban was due to “unwanted sexual advances.” DrLupo has explained the cause of the ban and had his Twitch account with 4.6 million followers restored.

The ban stems from a crass chat message that DrLupo sent during a Tyler “Ninja” Blevins stream, asking him to “sit on his face.” DrLupo did not provide any more context initially, but it’s likely that this was a joke between two friends. 

DrLupo and Ninja were two of the biggest streamers to blow up from battle royales. The pair often streamed Fortnite together and collaborated with other streamers. Ninja remains one of the biggest streamers on Twitch while DrLupo has since moved to YouTube Gaming.

DrLupo banned for just one hour after sexual joke

DrLupo initially revealed that his ban would last for seven days, but that timeline appears to have changed very quickly.

Shortly after being banned, DrLupo revealed that he was unbanned on Twitch. Twitch staff probably understood that the chat message was a joke, so the temporary ban can be seen as a light slap on the wrist. Based on the timing of his social media posts, DrLupo appears to have been banned for only an hour.

Fans of DrLupo probably won’t care too much about this ban since the popular content creator now exclusively streams on YouTube Gaming. He joined his current platform in August 2021 along with fellow streamer Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar.

It’s unclear how this decision came to pass and whether it may have been done as a rib on Twitch’s part. The only real consequence if the ban remained in place is that he wouldn’t have been allowed to appear on other Twitch streamers’ live feeds. If DrLupo’s ban were longer, it still wouldn’t interfere with his regular streams on YouTube.


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