Driftboarding comes to Fornite with patch 7.40

By Olivia Richman


Feb 20, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Fortnite’s 7.40 content update has introduced the Driftboard as a limited time item.

The Driftboard allows players to pull off a variety of stylized skateboard tricks while hovering off the ground at high speed. In an ode to the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series games, the word “Wasted” appears accompanied by the sound of vinyl being scratched when players fail to land an attempted trick.

While the Driftboard is also available in Creative Mode, the main use for this new mode of transportation is in “Driftin’,” the game’s latest Limited Time Mode. Two teams of 32 players grab a Driftboard from a Red Supply Drop, and then group up with their team to eliminate opposing players. Health and Shields slowly regenerate when riding on a Driftboard, a big advantage that encourages players to make use of the new transportation option.

The new content update also introduces Catch LTM, where the only weapons are grenades and throwable items. This includes Smoke Grenades, Clingers, Remote Explosives, and Shockwave Grenades.

The Infantry Rifle is another new addition to the game, and is available in Common, Uncommon, and Rare variants. Firing quick-moving projectiles without damage falloff, this new weapon can deal up to 45 damage, or twice that amount with an accurate headshot. It can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, and in Vending Machines.

Epic Games also reiterated that all players who complete 13 free Overtime Challenges by February 27 will receive the upcoming Season 8 Battle Pass for free.

Players who unlock this perk will receive two Season 8 outfits instantly, and have the chance to earn up to five more, such as the Valentine Wrap or Vines Contrail. Current Fortnite Battle Pass owners will be rewarded with new unlockable styles for the Trog, Powder, and Onesie outfits.