xQc Adept

Drama between Adept and xQc continues in a newly leaked call

By Fariha Bhatti


May 23, 2024

Reading time: 1 min

Just when you thought the drama between Félix “xQc” Lengyel and Adept was over, a new leaked call has surfaced between the two, in which she is heard questioning xQc’s relationship with another female streamer. 

xQc and Adept share a lot of history. From a broken relationship to court cases, the two have gone back and forth for years until March 2024 when xQc claimed that the cases were over for good. However, a new streamer has entered the picture and Adept is back to sharing personal calls online. 

During a recent stream, Adept shared a snippet from a call with xQc that took place in 2023 after their separation. The call, filled with emotional tension, left fans puzzled about why the two were still in contact. Adept can be heard in tears, expressing her disapproval of xQc’s alleged involvement with AikoBliss, another Twitch streamer.

“I don’t care who she is; I care that you told me… It’s the same thing, Felix. ‘I’m not talking to anyone, I’m not doing anything, there’s nobody,'” Adept said. 

She then asked him why he would play Roleplay with AikoBliss and then gift her a hundred subs. All the while, xQc reassured her that he wasn’t interested in the other streamer and that she was just another role player. 

Is xQc dating AikoBliss?

AikoBliss and xQc have had various interactions since 2023. The rumors caught fire when fans spotted AikoBliss’ dog on xQc’s stream, who then quickly turned off his camera upon noticing the same.

Since then, the rumors of the two dating have been going wild. Still, AikoBliss says that xQc is just a good friend. 

In any case, the point of the leaked call remains moot since the two had broken up long ago, and fans are only wondering when their beef will be over for good.