Drake For All the Dogs

Drake FaceTimes Kai Cenat during livestream

By Olivia Richman


Oct 6, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Drake just dropped an album and then dropped into Kai Cenat’s livestream.

Kai Cenat has blown up over the past few years thanks to his subathon and over-the-top behavior. While he has definitely had his fair share of controversies — including arrests — it hasn’t stopped Cenat from becoming a massive success and being close to celebrities.

Recently, Ice Spice, Offset, and other rappers have appeared on Cenat’s livestreams. This time, it was Drake.

Kai Cenat freaks out as Drake joins stream

For All the Dogs just dropped, Drake’s eighth studio album. It’s a banger and has a lot of popular artists with him, like J. Cole on “First Person Shooter.” The hype is unavoidable and Cenat started listening to the album on his livestream.

Then, Cenat announced in Cenat fashion that he was getting a call: “Oh f—! Oh s—! Somebody’s calling me, chat!”

But there was a reason he was so astonished. When Cenat showed his chat the face on the other end, it was Champagne Papi.

“Stop playin’ with it, what it do bro!?” Cenat exclaimed, dogs running around him in the background.

Drake joked back that he needed an Epipen. Then Cenat told him he was going to be in Toronto for his last two shows.

“Everybody’s up,” Drake responded.

Cenat admitted he was streaming for 10 hours but stayed on so he could review the album when it finally dropped. Drake said he appreciated the love, noticing all the W’s in the chat.

“That s— fire, bro!” Cenat exclaimed.

Drake told him to keep listening, joking he had a lot of songs to go.