Dr Disrespect uninstalled Warzone after raging about the game

Olivia Richman • March 31, 03:40

“This game is a fucking joke!” 

During a recent stream, Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm appeared to be very much fed up with Call of Duty Warzone. An hour into his Triple Threat Challenge, which sees the streamer play solo in Warzone, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Valorant, Dr Disrespect said he was “over” Warzone. It appeared that the current meta was frustrating the Two-Time too much. 

“It’s fucking boring,” Dr Disrespect ranted after being eliminated. “It’s so fucking stupid and boring. It just puts me in a bad mood!” 

The Doc explained that the current meta was frustrating. This includes the FFAR and AUG being a bit too overpowered for his taste. The two weapons have been taking over the meta and are currently far superior to other guns in the game. A lot of Warzone players have called for the weapons to be nerfed, meaning Dr Disrespect isn’t alone in his feelings about the game’s weapons needing more balance. 

After the rant, the Doc was sent into the Gulag, where he had to win a 1v1 to be brought back into the game. When he realized it was going to be a fist fight to the death sans weapons, Dr Disrespect left the game instead. 

Dr Disrespect uninstalls Warzone after rage quitting

Despite his frustrations, the Doc decided to try again. Appearing much calmer, the popular streamer made it to the final 10 players in the match. But soon after he was gunned down. 

“I’m so over this fucking game,” Dr Disrespect yelled, now even angrier than in the previous match. 

For Dr Disrespect, Warzone’s solos were the last straw. It seemed he couldn’t enjoy them. The only option left, the Doc said, was to get the game “the fuck off my system.” He then removed the game from his PC, uninstalling it completely. After removing the game, Dr Disrespect begged developers to “do something” and explained that adding a new map simply wasn’t enough. 

The Two-Time has been complaining about Call of Duty Warzone for a while now. He has ranted about the game’s slow pace and unfulfilling updates before. After the Season 2 update earlier this year, Doc said that the game is “not attracting new people” and that players “don’t know what to do” after the “horrific” patch. 

The addition of ziplines only helped players camp even more, the Doc explained. The amount of snipers in general has bothered Dr Disrespect in games throughout the year. 

Even though Dr Disrespect was recently allowed to play in Warzone tournaments again, it seems he has had enough of the game for now. He turned on Valorant soon after his most recent rage. So far, Warzone has not been reinstalled. 


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