Dr Disrespect speaks on Twitch ban, confusion continues

By Olivia Richman


Jun 28, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

While the streaming community was initially hesitant to believe that Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm was permabanned from Twitch, it almost certainly seems to be the case. 

After a very peculiar final stream where the Two-Time appeared to find out concerning news live on air, the popular streamer’s Twitch account was taken down, leaving his four million followers in the dark as to what happened. He has yet to make a statement on Twitter and his subscribers have been issued refunds. Dr Disrespect’s emoticons were also removed from Twitch soon after. 

All signs point to Dr Disrespect being permabanned from Twitch, and fans are left wondering why. 

Esports insider Rod “Slasher” Breslau has shared that inside sources informed him that it wasn’t because of Twitch’s sudden influx of copyright strikes. This was one idea that was floating around the streaming community for a while, since many content creators were receiving three strikes for videos, some of which were quite old. But then what happened? 

Dr Disrespect finally breaks silence over Twitch ban

As the Twitch community continued to refresh r/LiveStreamFails for updates on the Two-Time’s sudden ban, Dr Disrespect decided to make an official statement on Twitter. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t offer much insight into what happened. 

“Twitch has not notified me on the specific reason behind their decision,” Dr Disrespect stated, addressing the tweet to his followers. “Firm handshakes to all for the support during this difficult time.” 

Twitch community reacts to Dr Disrespect’s permaban 

While Dr Disrespect claimed that Twitch hasn’t informed him on their decision to permanently ban his account, many rumors are beginning to swirl throughout the gaming community. Because of Twitch’s harsh and sudden decision, many are thinking it could have been something serious. 

People even started to speculate that Dr Disrespect had been arrested or that he was involved in some manner of legal trouble, but there is no evidence that this is the case. Several people stated that the streamer is currently logged into Discord, suggested that he is at home as normal.

Notably, some of the streamer’s sponsors, including Game Fuel and Razer, have reinstated the ad campaigns they run in unison with Dr Disrespect after preemptively downplaying their relationship with the popular figure. This is something of a vote of confidence from the companies, given the lack of certainty regarding his future, leading to even more confusion with the entire permaban situation. 

Dr Disrespect sponsors

While Slasher has hinted that he knows why Dr Disrespect was permabanned, he claims it’s a “sensitive topic” that he wants to refrain from discussing. This makes Dr Disrespect’s claim that he’s unsure why he’s banned seem possibly false. Dr Disrespect’s wife also made an emotional post on her Instagram, making it seem even more likely that something more serious is going on. 


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