Dr Disrespect might be permanently banned from Twitch, but why?

By Olivia Richman


Jun 26, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Popular streaming personality Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm might be permanently banned from Twitch. 

The two-time was banned from the streaming platform earlier today and his channel has been taken offline. Dr Disrespect hasn’t come out to explain why his account was banned, but other streams had some speculations and theories. 

Twitch recently sent copyright takedown notices to unsuspecting content creators, some for videos that were years old. This struck fear into some of those streamers, who were told that three copyright strikes would lead to their being permanently banned from the platform. 

But esports insider Rod “Slasher” Breslau tweeted soon after that sources have informed him that Dr Disrespect’s ban is not related to Twitch’s DMCA crackdown.

He also dropped another major bombshell: Dr Disrespect might be permanently banned from Twitch. 

Some of Slasher’s followers questioned the validity of the report. It seemed strange that Dr Disrespect would be permanently banned when nobody could even figure out why he was suspended in the first place. Some also pointed out that Dr Disrespect’s emotes were still live on Twitch, although it’s unknown if that proves anything one way or another. 

Dr Disrespect permaban

“I’ve just been informed that there will be NO public statement made by Twitch. This is a big one folks. I think Doc is gone,” Twitch insider and content creator Zach Bussey tweeted, supporting Slasher’s earlier statement. 

Still, he was unable to offer any insight as to why Dr Disrespect had been suspended so suddenly. 

The Twitch community at large has been questioning why Dr Disrespect would ever be permanently banned. A popular personality with over 4 million Twitch followers, the only other time that Dr Disrespect was suspended from the platform was after E3 in 2019. The streamer had violated Twitch’s privacy guidelines when he filmed himself inside the men’s bathroom at the gaming convention. That was his first such offense. 

Now, Dr Disrespect has been banned again. But this time nobody is sure why it’s happening, or if he will ever be back. 

Dr Disrespect Twitch ban


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