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Dr Disrespect rips Loba, Rampart in Apex Legends season 13

By Olivia Richman


May 15, 2022

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Apex Legends season 13 is off to a rocky start. Many are calling Loba “broken” after a bug caused her abilities to become unreliable and now one of the biggest Apex Legends players on YouTube feels the updates have left Rampart boring.

Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm has been invested in Apex Legends ever since he “quit” Call of Duty: Warzone multiple times. He was excited to return to Apex Legends in Season 13 to test out Newcastle and the map changes but that excitement soon turned to disappointment for The Two-Time.

Dr Disrespect disappointed in Rampart Apex Legends in season 13

Dr Disrespect was streaming Apex Legends season 13 on May 13 when he announced he probably won’t play Rampart anymore. Dr Disrespect admitted that she has a lot of firepower but her defensive playstyle doesn’t fit the current meta. Someone in the chat called Rampart “boring” and he agreed.

“Yeah, that’s the only thing…There’s not much else she can do other than lay down shields and then take out the machine gun. That’s it,” Dr Disrespect said.

Dr Disrespect added that her machine gun is powerful but she doesn’t really seem to help the team overall. This is a common sentiment and contributed to Rampart having one of the lowest pick-rates in Apex Legends even before this season.

Apex Legends season 13 leaves Loba unplayable

Unfortunately, Rampart isn’t the only legend that Apex Legends players will be avoiding for a few months. Loba’s tactical skill, Burglar’s Best Friend, doesn’t even work sometimes, as reported by players on Reddit and beyond.

byu/paradoxally from discussion

Loba’s tactical usually has Loba throw a bracelet and then teleport to wherever it’s thrown after a short delay. This allows Loba to not only escape dangerous situations but find unique vantage points to catch enemies off guard.

But in season 13, many players noticed that Loba’s tactical isn’t working as intended. In fact, it sometimes doesn’t even work at all. Her bracelet will just fall and the cooldown resets, not allowing players to teleport.

Players are expressing frustration with Respawn Entertainment on Reddit, wondering why game-breaking issues like this keep happening after updates. Developers still haven’t addressed the latest legend bug but fans are hoping for a hot fix in the near future.


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