Dr Disrespect opens up about Twitch ban rumors, future plans

By Olivia Richman


Jul 16, 2020

Reading time: 4 min

Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm has been eerily silent since he was permanently banned from Twitch three weeks ago. 

Aside from a single tweet claiming that he wasn’t sure why Twitch even banned him, the Two-Time hasn’t given fans much insight into the seemingly sudden ban. That’s left people wildly speculating as to why Dr Disrespect received such a harsh punishment, with fans obsessively watching his final stream for clues. 

But Dr Disrespect has finally broken his silence. 

In an interview with PC Gamer, Dr Disrespect decided to address some rumors and also open up about what he may be doing in the future. He claimed that he hadn’t interacted with fans since the permaban because of his initial shock over what had happened. Dr Disrespect also noted that the seemingly harrowing moment at the end of his last stream was just him reacting to “the state of the world that we’re dealing with” and “being real on stream.”

Why was Dr Disrespect banned from Twitch?

Despite many sources claiming that the reason behind his ban was “serious,” Dr Disrespect upheld in his PC Gamer interview that he hasn’t been told by Twitch why he was banned. 

“Yeah, that’s the kind of the mind blowing thing about all of this. Obviously, for legal counsel, I have to be careful here. But I can say however, that I will not be returning to Twitch, so, I mean, that’s it,” Dr Disrespect said. 

For now, Dr Disrespect said that he may be taking legal action against Twitch. 

When PC Gamer pressed him to see if he had any inkling into why Twitch permanently banned him, Dr Disrespect said that he’s “made mistakes” but that he’s always “taken full responsibility” and is “continuing to be a better person.” 

Despite a warning from Dr Disrespect’s publicist to not dig too deeply into the possible reasons behind the ban, PC Gamer brought up how many streamers have been accused of sexual harassment, rape, and assault recently. There’s been some speculation that Dr Disrespect may be among the accused, though nobody has come forward publicly. Other rumors have included the harboring of illicit materials on his Discord server. 

“Listen, I’m not interested in engaging crazy speculation. I’ve seen all the theories, I’ve seen all the possible conspiracies, and it’s just like, I’m just not interested in engaging that type of stuff. I have a great community of loyal fans and I’m totally focused on getting back and delivering great, entertaining content and that’s where the focus is,” Dr Disrespect answered. 

The Two-Time then stated that he didn’t know what Rod “Slasher” Breslau was talking about when the esports reporter claimed he knew why Dr Disrespect had been banned. Dr Disrespect called the claims “crazy speculation.”

What’s next for Dr Disrespect after Twitch ban? 

According to Dr Disrespect, he’s already looking at what a “Dr return” would look like. He stated that his team is “exploring options” and that he is just hoping to get back into character. 

“I’ll be wherever fans want me to be,” he said. 

For now, Dr Disrespect isn’t even sure if it’s a streaming platform move or if it’s a move outside of streaming. While he’s looking into streaming independently on his own website, the Two-Time is still open to YouTube and Facebook Gaming. 

But in the past, Dr Disrespect had already announced television shows and book deals surrounding his popular gaming persona. This included an animated television series with Skybound Entertainment. 

While the popular streamer admitted that being away from social media has been hard, especially while dealing with rampant rumors and speculation, he said that he’s “ready to go” and “excited to take the next steps.” 

“I’m really focused on the community for now. We’ve got lots of fun stuff planned, lots of projects that are in the works, and yeah, continue on, baby,” Dr Disrespect said. 

For now, there’s no confirmed direction for Dr Disrespect 3.0, but he’s been working with his creative team on coming back from the permanent ban from Twitch in some form.

So what is Doc 3.0 going to look like? 

“I don’t want to go into the details of what that means. But when you start to look at potential projects outside of the streaming space, and then you combine those with the character in the streaming space, I think you’re gonna see his universe open up a lot bigger. And that’s probably the best way I could describe it,” Dr Disrespect explained. 

While fans will have to wait to find out what exactly the Two-Time is doing next, it seems that he has no plans to stop playing the role of his popular character. Fans may just have to wait a bit longer to see what comes next.