All the methods and secrets for quickly increasing your rank in Call of Duty Warzone 2

By William Davis


Apr 9, 2024

Reading time: 7 min

CoD Warzone is one of the most dynamic projects in the battle royale genre, which allows players to transfer the famous single player about the US Army and British SAS into a survival format between players and multiplayer, which can be played alone, or in the company of friends and receive a rank boost in Call of Duty Warzone 2 through their victories and taking good places among the survivors.


Don’t ignore the warm-up format, which takes the time it takes most players to load up. During this time, you can practice shooting, running, tackles for cover and just the feeling of the game before the match, and not during the game, when this will lead to mistakes.

Drop zone

When you board the plane, you will choose the optimal time to disembark.

You need to know that you will be flying in a random direction and think over which point you will decide to open your parachute.

Do not risk landing on large locations such as hangars or cities, because there is always chaos in them and a large number of players will shoot among themselves with a high chance of dying and interrupting your boosting in Warzone 2.

Don’t choose the edge of the map either, because it’s too risky. You may either not find equipment for a comfortable game like assault weapons, and if the game zone chooses a cutoff point in another part of the map, then you will find yourself in a very uncomfortable situation and will have to fight your way through enemies to it, risking your life at a time when there is no necessary.

Choose places where there are several buildings nearby, because there is guaranteed to be a set of equipment, medicine and grenades that will help you start the battle on favorable terms. Don’t forget about your helmet and body armor.

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On the map you can find a huge number of weapons of varying quality. The better the combat potential, the higher its quality.

They can be distinguished by the frames around the weapon and the color underneath it when it lies on the ground.

The best quality is considered legendary, highlighted in gold, followed by Mythic – purple, rare and common – blue and green.

You can start the battle with any weapon, because the main task is to survive, but then it is better to strive for assault weapons and always have a secondary weapon with you that you can switch to, but there are two important rules:

  1. Primary and secondary weapons must have different types of ammunition.
  2. They must perform different tasks – for example, assault and sniper, or close combat – whichever is more convenient for you.

Weapon accessories

To successfully boost in CoD Warzone, you need to find weapon accessories that will help in your survival and aiming.

You need a sight, but do not choose complex x6 formats – they are complex because they have too much zoom and if the battle takes place at close range, you will quickly lose sight of the enemy. x4 will be enough for assault weapons. You need a suppressor that will make it difficult to quickly detect your shooting position.


To survive and increase the number of items in your inventory, you need to collect not only shooting equipment, but also personal protection.

You need body armor, preferably level three, as well as a helmet and a backpack with more capacity.

Grenades and medicines

You need the means to change initiative on the battlefield and recover from difficult firefights.

Collect grenades to bombard enemy positions and force them to leave, or throw them to more advantageous points for your own retreat.

By medicine, we mean first aid kits and new armor plates that will help fully restore your combat potential.


Modern wars are also making adjustments to the gaming theme, where the military is provided with realistic weapons and now these are drones for reconnaissance and air attacks.

A reconnaissance drone can collect a detailed picture of the enemy’s position and their plans from any height, but the drone can be shot down – keep this in mind.

An attack drone is a controlled projectile that can be raised to any height, tracked and illuminated by the enemy, and dropped on him with detonation.

First play area

A fully active game map will be safe for about 5 minutes after the start of the match, then the game map will mark its new boundaries for the first time, and you will have plenty of time to get into the safe zone, otherwise you will begin to lose health. The area for shrinking the map is chosen randomly each time so that players cannot predict it and prepare in advance.

The second time, the boundaries will be reduced more significantly, which will significantly reduce the number of players who will try to get into the new safe zone.

The last time, the map will be reduced to the minimum arena, where it will be decided which player will take first place and receive the highest rank boost in Call of Duty Warzone 2.


In CoD there are two types of vehicles for fast movement and combat – these are ordinary vehicles for traveling, or combat vehicles for shooting, like helicopters for a group of two or three players.

It should also be used to attack enemies, but also to quickly move to a safe zone during the next reduction of the game map.

Beware of gas and artillery

Periodically, in random game areas, artillery attacks and gas releases will be triggered, which must be avoided in shelters, or with the help of a gas mask, which must be found or purchased.

Boosting in Warzone 2

If you are unable to make progress in Warzone 2, or you just want to try your hand at games against the strongest players, then you can buy the Warzone 2 Skycoach boost.

All you need to do is select the rank you need and pay for the order.

Next, you need to transfer the account to the service manager to start performing the service. It is safe because you are provided with financial guarantees and the possibility of a refund, as well as complete anonymity with the help of a professional VPN.

The process itself is organized so that the client does not have to fully participate in the process of performing the service and cannot influence its quality.

You can go about your business or monitor the execution of your order in your personal account. You can even request a stream of boosting completion in CoD Warzone if you wish, but it’s better to just go about your business until you receive a notification that the task is completed, and you can return to your account, change your password and continue searching for matches against more interesting opponents.

You must be prepared for the fact that you are unlikely to gain a foothold at this rank right away, but you will gain invaluable experience and gradually regain the rank on your own when you improve your shooting, tactics and decision-making speed.

Conclusions on various ways to improve boosting in Warzone

To guarantee progress in Call of Duty Warzone 2, you need to master the warm-up technique before the game in order to feel the aim and movement of the agent, learn to survive and kill opponents, understand what weapons you need to pick up and always have a supply of medicines and grenades.

It is necessary to improve weapons with various accessories in order to shoot further and more accurately, and not use equipment with the same cartridges as a secondary weapon.

You need to master the technique of correctly staying in the safe zone and be able to avoid artillery and gas attacks on the map.

Learn to use drones, and you will always be able to outlive your enemies and always know where they are. Alternate reconnaissance drones and kamikazes, but remember that their launch is quite noisy and during use your operative will remain defenseless – this must be taken into account.

You can raise your Warzone rank using the Skycoach service, where you will transfer your account under guarantees of financial security and anonymity and receive a ready-made agent to play against the strongest players. Of course, at first you will lose rank, but gradually you will gain invaluable experience and get comfortable enough to regain it on your own. Remember that the stronger the opponents, the more difficult it is morally, but the better the progress.

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