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Dr Disrespect mocks summit, xQc for caring about Valorant on Twitch

by | Apr 30, 2020

Reading Time: 3 min.
Reading Time: 3 min.

Big names in the streaming community have been getting fed up with the Valorant category on Twitch. 

In partnership with Twitch, Riot Games has been offering closed beta access to Valorant via drops, earned by watching streamers with “drops enabled” on their channel. This was seen as an innovative way to provide access to a closed beta at first, but many content creators now seem tired of the concept. 

One such streamer was Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar, who called the Valorant category the “fakest” section on Twitch. At the time of summit1g’s rant, Valorant had 276,000 concurrent viewers. 

“It’s the absolute fakest section on Twitch right now, am I wrong? Am I fucking wrong? Look at that number. Is that real? Not even fucking close!” summit1g raged to his viwers.

summit1g stated that he was “burning out” of Valorant because he didn’t want to be a part of the category, full of 24/7 drops and bots. He called the section “disgusting.” 

Former Overwatch League pro Felix “xQc” Lengyel has shared similar sentiments with his followers, saying he “feels bad” for genuine Valorant content creators. 

Interestingly enough, many of xQc’s Twitter followers didn’t relate to his sentiment. One content creator even noted that it’s impossible to make “genuine content” on Valorant since there are only three maps available today.

Popular streaming personality Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm also had a lot to say about Riot Games’ new FPS. 

Dr Disrespect speaks out about Valorant category on Twitch

After seeing summit1g and xQc discuss the unpopular Twitch meta caused by Valorant closed beta key drops, Dr Disrespect decided to bring up his own beef with the game. 

“I’ve gotta say somethign about it. What everyone is missing here, the big issue I have… Why are people still watching Valorant? Like why?” Dr Disrespect asked. 

In the past, Dr Disrespect has shared his lack of excitement over Riot’s new FPS, calling it “hard to watch.” 

Even though Dr Disrespect believes Valorant is boring to watch due to its slow nature, he has apparently given it a chance from a player’s perspective. It’s currently his second-most title on Twitch, although this could be his attempt to play into Riot’s “drops enabled” strategy more than a genuine love for the game. 

“Hey, xQc, summit… Let them stream 24/7. Let ’em. Ain’t nobody watching the game,” Dr Disrespect continued. 

He then addressed a comment someone in his chat made, complaining about the 24/7 bot channels making a lot of money and gaining a lot of subscribers despite their low-effort content. 

“I mean, are they building anything legendary off of their careers, huh? No, they’re not. That’s the way I look at it. Are they affecting [anything]? It’s fucking Valorant, like what are we talking about, man?” Dr Disrespect said with a laugh, seeming unphased by the Valorant bots.

Still, it’s been a big enough concern to the streaming community as a whole that Twitch felt the need to address Valorant’s channel on their Twitter. They stated that farming Valorant drops harms the integrity of the program and have updated their community guidelines to address this new form of “cheating” a Twitch rewards system. 

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