Dr Disrespect calls out Call of Duty players that want SBMM in

By Olivia Richman


Oct 27, 2022

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Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm is no stranger to criticizing Call of Duty. In fact, it’s what he is often found doing during most of his streams and on his social media accounts. This time, he has taken aim at the franchise’s use of SBMM.

SBMM is short for skill-based matchmaking, something that most FPS games — including the new Call of Duty game — use to ensure matches have similarly skilled players on both teams. This, in theory, creates a balanced game with equally matched opponents.

But SBMM has often been criticized for its EOMM or engagement-optimized matchmaking. Pro players, streamers, and competitive gamers have been discussing their frustrations for years, noticing that games like Call of Duty will create matches that are purposefully unbalanced.

There have been published studies that back this claim up, with publishers like EA explaining that they can keep gamers hooked for longer if they lose a few games and then finally win a match, giving them a sense of elation that they want to replicate by playing longer.

Some more claims include players accusing Call of Duty developers of changing their aiming accuracy and other gameplay elements to create an unbalanced match. This hasn’t been verified but is echoed by a lot of gamers.

It’s easy to see why SBMM is quite controversial and why Dr Disrespect has spoken out against it.

Dr Disrespect shares opinion on SBMM in Call of Duty

In a recent tweet, Dr Disrespect stated: “Go get a life if you think SBMM belongs in pub lobbies.”

Pub lobby is short for “public lobby,” which basically references any match where anyone can join. There is usually no guarantee that players are on the same level and it’s often seen as less competitive. People will usually join a pub lobby to have fun, but some feel that SBMM would make it a bit more of a relaxing experience.

The response to Dr Disrespect’s statement was mixed. Some agreed with the Two Time, noting that they want to play with friends of different rank levels with no pressure. Others, however, felt that implementing SBMM would help casual players avoid “sweaty” opponents that are looking to stomp some lower-ranked players.


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