Double Up TFT becomes a permanent game mode

By Nicholas James


Jan 24, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The Teamfight Tactics’ Double Up game mode is being added as a permanent feature of the auto battler.

The Double Up mode for Teamfight Tactics sees two players join forces to fight three other teams of two with unique mechanics. Up until now, the mode has been a part of Riot Games’ Labs program to test out new ways to play Teamfight Tactics. The game was clearly received well enough by both fans and the developer to stick around permanently.

Double Up TFT is here forever

The idea of playing Teamfight Tactics with friends has always been an appealing concept. Building a team of units from a shared pool and going through round after round is a fun idea, but traditional lobbies pit everyone against each other in a free-for-all. Double Up fixes this, and adds opportunity for teamwork by letting players send their allies units, items, and gold.

With an entirely new ranking system based on colors rather than types of metal or mineral, Double Up tries to appeal to a more casual audience or friends who want more opportunities to cooperative game inside of the League of Legends client. Similar attempts for League of Legends itself have been less successful, with ARAM, Nexus Blitz, and other rotating game modes not standing the test of time.

Part of Double Up’s success comes from the Hextech Augments system that was introduced in Gadgets and Gizmos. Picking different augments allows teammates to better coordinate into different compositions, avoiding fights for key units. Additionally, sending your friend a key 5-cost unit to complete a two-star, or giving the exact component they need for an item feels great for both players.

Double Up is here to stay and that seems to be a win for the entire Teamfight Tactics player base. Riot says it will be making improvements to various aspects of the mode as it evolves, just like the normal mode.


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