Dota Underlords to receive visible rank progression in update

Olivia Richman • July 11, 23:30

Developers at Valve have announced that a new ranking system is coming to Dota Underlords. 

The major change will most likely be a part of next week’s update, according to a developer in the Dota Underlords Discord. 

“We’re working on an overhaul to ranked. The biggest change will be to make the progression more clear and predictable,” the developer said. 

Dota Underlords update rank system

While there were no further details revealed, fans are already excited by the post. Many were in agreement that the update should include match history and stat tracking. 

The current version of Dota Underlords doesn’t include a ranking system. There are no stats that indicate a player’s progression, including being promoted in their division. This has led to many of the game’s fans coming up with their own creative ways to track their level. 

One Reddit user explained that he realized he had ranked up to Boss 2 after being “hard-stuck at Boss 1 for over a week” by keeping track of every game he played. 

“After a win streak, I started to see more and more Boss 1 players. Eventually, I started to see Boss 2, 3, 4, and even the occassional Big Boss player in my games. Once that happened, I was promoted a win or two later,” the user said. 

Another Reddit user noted that players will almost always be paired with other players around the same rank.

But this hasn’t stopped it the frustration for some players. Most games with online matchmaking and competitive features include visible ranked progression. This includes League of Legends and Overwatch, where players can visually identify their progress moving after each match.

Despite an immediate lack of features, Dota Underlords has proven quite popular so far. 

Valve announced that once the game leaves its open beta period, Dota Underlords participants will experience a soft reset in rank. Everyone will become unranked, or possibly sent back to the first rank, Upstart 1.

Next week’s update still doesn’t have a set release date, although many people are speculating it will come on Thursday. 


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