Dota Plus update pays tribute to “Lakad Matatag” caster Dunoo

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The latest Dota 2 update celebrates the life and work of beloved commentator Aldrin “Dunoo” Pangan by reintroducing his iconic voice lines to the game.

On September 1, Dota Plus received its first update of the season with a new treasure and guild rewards. The new platinum-tier voice lines for the season are all taken from Dunoo, a popular Filipino Dota 2 caster who passed away late last month. The update comes just in time for Dunoo’s voice to appear at the $40 million The International 10 in October.

Dota 2 players who subscribe to Dota Plus will automatically receive the new Autumn seasonal terrain skin. They can also trade their hard-earned Shards from last season in for a new Autumnal Treasure containing nine new hero sets and a very rare new courier. The Dota Plus fall update also refreshes the seasonal quests players can complete to earn additional Shards.

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Autumnal Treasures can be purchased for 10,000 Dota Plus Shards each with escalating odds of obtaining the new koala courier Ol’ Joe. The newest item fetcher comes with a randomly selected Ethereal Gem and Prismatic Gem. These apply an unusual effect and color to the courier, which can be claimed and applied to other slotted items by destroying the courier they generated on.

Dunoo voice lines return for The International 10

Dunoo unfortunately passed away in August this year. The longtime commentator was one of the most prominent Tagalog casters in Dota 2 before achieving international fame when a series of his calls were added to the game as voice lines. Although he never provided commentary for The International, several of his lines became iconic through pro player spam and fan celebration. 

Dunoo’s most iconic shout alongside longtime partner partner Marlon “Lon” Marcelo is “Lakad matatag! Normalin normalin…” roughly translates to “Walk steady! Act normal, act normal,” encouraging players to press forward after activating Black King Bar. The line came during a crucial late-game team fight between Southeast Asian powerhouse Fnatic and European juggernaut Team Secret.

The game ended after Fnatic used Underlord’s ultimate to teleport to Secret’s base and blitz the ancient before Clement “Puppey” Ivanov’s team could respond.

“Easiest money of my life!” and “The next level play!” were also added to the game. All three lines come from the same insane game-ending sequence. To unlock the lines for use in-game, players must belong to a platinum-tier Dota 2 guild. Friends can team up to complete guild contracts and earn the chat wheel lines before the end of the Dota Plus Autumn 2021 season.