Dota 2 update 7.23c hits Magnus, Crystal Maiden with big nerfs

By Steven Rondina


Dec 7, 2019

Reading time: 3 min

With the qualifiers to the DreamLeague Leipzig Major and WePlay! Bukovel Minor now complete, Valve has pulled the trigger on another serious change to the Dota 2 7.23 update.

Version 7.23c launched and brought a slew of new changes. There are various gameplay tweaks across the board, but the most obvious to players will be nerfs to some of the stronger heroes in the game.

The biggest gameplay changes are nerfs to outposts and the glyph functionality. Outposts’ XP bonuses were reduced from 25 per minute to 18, reducing their importance a fair degree. With this is an increased channeling length for teleports to outposts with Boots of Travel.

In a surprise move, glyphs’ offensive potency was greatly reduced. Though it was sometimes used to fortify creeps as a counter to defensive glyphs, creeps will now only be untouchable for four seconds instead of the full seven. This combined with the previous buffs to glyph made in the 7.23 update will improve teams’ abilities to stall pushes, especially from the high ground.

While several established items were changed in version 7.23c, most of them were relatively small. That said, another long list of changes arrived to neutral items.

Repair Kit was given a notable buff in the form of +13 health regen for carrying the item, while Illusionist’s Cape now provides bonus strength and agility. Essence Ring’s cooldown was reduced and its health was increased. Greater Faerie Fire now offers three charges instead of just two.

Some items were given a mix of buffs and nerfs, like Grove Bow giving a small attack speed boost at the expense of a nerf to the duration of its magic resistance debuff. Additionally, Havoc Hammer no longer impacts base attack speed but gives just +35 damage instead of +60.

In a welcome turn for supports and invisibility-based heroes, Third Eye has been removed from the game entirely.

Magnus, Crystal Maiden get nerfs in Dota 2 update 7.23c

The qualifiers to the DreamLeague Leipzig Major and WePlay! Bukovel Minor highlighted some of the heroes that were most impacted by the initial rollout of the Outlanders Update. Though they may hold up in the long-term, their moments as top-tier heroes are likely at an end.

Magnus’ Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade has been greatly nerfed, with Skewer once again requiring mana and having its cooldown increased from four seconds to six. The new scepter upgrade for the hero saw players perform wacky feats with the spammable Skewer ability, with the greatest example of this coming in the Bukovel Minor qualifiers series between Nigma and

Crystal Maiden was one of the biggest winners of the Outlanders Update, but some of those perks have been rolled back. Arcane Aura no longer naturally provides magic resistance, with that ability now being hidden in the form of a level 15 talent. Offsetting this slightly is a reduced Crystal Nova cooldown at early levels, with the ability scaling from 11 to 8 instead of 14 to 8.

Notably, Treant Protector’s Nature’s Guise ability has returned as an “innate” ability. Nature’s guise gives the hero free pathing through trees and bonus health regeneration. Living Armor’s rework has also undone in some ways, with the spell once again offering global armor and health regeneration. That increased range is softened slightly by decreased total healing and duration.

The full list of changes can be found on the official Dota 2 blog.


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