Dota 2 pro player SexyBamboe dead at 29

By Steven Rondina


Dec 10, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Dota 2 streamer and professional player Alaan “SexyBamboe” Faraj has passed away. He was 29 years old.

Though there hasn’t been public confirmation on SexyBamboe’s social channels, a number of Dota 2 personalities close to him discussed the news independently. As of this writing, it is unclear what the cause of death was.

SexyBamboe has been absent for social media for some time. While he maintained a presence on most social media channels, nothing has appeared publicly since May when he last made a post on Twitter. It is unknown what led to this extended break from social media.

SexyBamboe hadn’t played a professional game of Dota 2 since January 2020.

News of SexyBamboe’s passing first arrived on a stream by former teammate Wehsing “SingSing” Yuen. The popular streamer was made aware of the news while playing a multiplayer game and discussed it with some of those he was playing with. The stream ended a short time later, with SingSing left distraught over the news.

Who is SexyBamboe?

SexyBamboe was a constant in Dota 2’s pro scene until 2020, competing with a long list of teams in both the tier-one and tier-two scenes in Europe. The most notable run of his professional career was likely his 2013 stint with Evil Geniuses, but his most successful run of play came with Zephyr, a mixed western Dota 2 team led by Kevin “Purge” Godec that moved to South Korea and dominated the domestic scene there for a time. 

From there, SexyBamboe bounced around between a number of different tier-two European teams. During this time he juggled competitive play with becoming a prominent Dota 2 content creator. His last professional match came in January 2020 where he played in DPC major qualifiers with Team Bald Reborn.

News of SexyBamboe’s death was met with great sadness across the Dota 2 scene. A number of his former teammates, constituents, and friends discussed their grief over the news.


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