Dota 2 gets final 7.32c patch before The International 2022

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 28, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The International 2022 patch may be here, and it will massively shake up the meta for the yearly Dota 2 championship.

Valve has released patch 7.32c for Dota 2, which will likely be the game version for The International 2022 next month. The official patch notes include more than 100 buffs and nerfs to various heroes and items, including many fan requests and bug fixes.

Only two items were adjusted in the full patch notes. Bloodstone’s health cost is now gone from its activated ability, making it more useful at lower life totals. The item has seen very little use in casual and pro play, but was a frequent site at previous TIs. Refresher Orb received a heavy nerf, as it no longer ticks down while stored in the backpack. In addition, it now shares a cooldown with Refresher Shard.

Batrider and Marci trashed in The International 2022 patch

From early looks at the new patch, Batrider and Marci seem to have taken the biggest Ls. Batrider’s Sticky Napalm lost 100 cast range at level four while Flamebreak’s knockback distance was significantly reduced.

Marci keeps her area-of-effect stun, but the attack and move slow from Unleash no longer goes through Black King Bar. This may lock her down as a support after Anathan “ana” Pham flexed her carry potential in the qualifiers.

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Viper also received a big nerf in patch 7.23c with Poison Attack slowing half as much at level one. Visage was nerfed on several fronts with special attention paid to his Aghanim’s Shard. Undying’s Decay costs more mana and Slark took some hits to his Dark Pact cooldown talent and Shard radius. Chen was a frequent pick in the qualifiers, but only true specialists will go for him after a significant nerf to his bonus creep damage.

Silencer and Venomancer get buffed for TI11

Valve clearly wants players buying Venomancer’s new Aghanim’s Shard to answer BKBs. Its cast range and projectile speed were both buffed, making it much more likely to hit its target. Silencer may have gotten the single biggest buff with instant magic damage added to Arcane Curse. It scales up to 100 at level four plus the damage over time. Silencer can now farm the double Satyr Mindstealer creep camp with one spell.

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Another noticeable buff went to Warlock, whose ultimate got 15 seconds chopped off its cooldown. Dark Seer gets to use Surge slightly more often, and the bonus health on his Scepter was bumped up to 250. Windranger’s ultimate packs more oomph at level one and Tidehunter’s damage and slow numbers were slightly buffed.

Overall, this patch nudges players towards larger-scale fights. Valve may want to speed up the slower meta of the patch for spectators and scheduling reasons. Many Dota 2 fans consider the game to be fairly balanced going into The International 2022, but patch 7.32c should still liven up the viewing experience.