Dota 2 fans complain about Hoodwink and Windranger similarities

By Steven Rondina


Dec 19, 2020

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New content has arrived in Dota 2, so naturally, fans are mad about it.

The Mistwood update arrived in Dota 2 on Thursday, bringing a major balance update and some intriguing hidden files related to Dota 2 esports. It also brought new Dota 2 hero Hoodwink, and it’s that squirrel archer that has fans grumbling.

The new hero brought multiple criticisms from fans. First, many contend that the hero doesn’t fit into Dota 2’s overall aesthetic. More importantly, many griped about Hoodwink’s unignorable similarities to established Dota 2 hero Windranger.

Hoodwink and Windranger share clothes and skills

The overall looks of Hoodwink and Windranger undeniably very similar. They’re both styled to look like fantasy woodland archers and share the same orange and green color scheme, albeit with one being an anthropomorphized squirrel and the other being a human-wind elemental hybrid. It isn’t just their looks that will have fans mistaking one for the other, though.

Three of Hoodwink’s skills share obvious similarities to Windranger. Bushwhack is essentially an AOE version of Windranger’s Shackle Shot, latching enemy heroes to trees. Scurry is very similar to Windrun, but with passive evasion and the ability to phase through trees. Hoodwink’s ultimate, Sharpshooter, is a bigger and stronger Power Shot.

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Hoodwink’s other skill is Acorn Shot, and even that one doesn’t feel unique. Instead of Focus Fire, Hoodwink’s Acorn Shot is a spell similar to Witch Doctor’s Paralyzing Cask but with a slow instead of a stun.

All this has fans somewhat disappointed in Hoodwink’s kit. Most of the new heroes added since fully integrating the full cast of the original Defense of the Ancients, such as Monkey King and Void Spirit, have had unique abilities or mechanics that set them apart from the pack. By comparison, Hoodwink is generic.

Is Hoodwink too cute for Dota 2?

Another one of the common gripes when it comes to Hoodwink is that she doesn’t really fit into Dota 2’s general look. Hoodwink is likely the first “cute” hero in Dota 2’s 10-year history, and she sticks out like a sore thumb as a result. Dota 2 has had characters with upbeat and wacky personalities, but none have been styled quite the way Hoodwink is.

The bulk of the Dota 2 cast is made up of humanoids, but there are more than a few anthropomorphized characters. From Pangolier to Ursa to Monkey King, “cute” isn’t a word that can be used to describe any of them

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This has many saying that Hoodwink has the look and feel of a League of Legends hero. Though League of Legends doesn’t have an abundance of toyetic heroes either, Hoodwink arguably does look more at home alongside the likes of Teemo and Amumu than next to Dragon Knight and Queen of Pain. Either way, the hero is here to stay, and fans will eventually grow more comfortable with her presence. 


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