Dota 2 caster Cap hurls bottle, breaks monitor during TI9 game

By Steven Rondina


Aug 23, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Team Secret vs. Mineski was one of the best Dota 2 series in recent memory.

The stakes were high given the series took place in the lower bracket of The International 2019. The games themselves were amazing as Team Secret scored a stunning comeback in game one, then nearly did the same in game two.

It was a series that was easy to get excited over, but nobody can touch the level of excitement felt by Austin “Capitalist” Walsh. The caster who was handling the English commentary got so hyped up during game two of the series that he wound up hurling a water bottle through the air and breaking a monitor. The moment was not initially captured during the live broadcast, but it was shown off between games:

Game one of the series saw Team Secret snatch victory away from Mineski. Despite lagging behind considerably in the net worth and experience departments, a team fight win for Secret and lack of buybacks on Mineski allowed the favorites to take the throne and steal the win.

That nearly happened again in game two. Mineski once again jumped out to an early lead but the team found itself fighting three versus five with Secret aiming to close the series. Mineski managed to defend the base, swing the game, and eventually take the victory.

Capitalist creates one of TI9’s best highlights


It was an amazing series and required a good bit of enthusiasm to get across, but Capitalist went a little overboard. During the fight, he grabs his water bottle, swings it around, and then spikes it onto the ground, splashing his shirt and desk. Blitz later stated that the outburst damaged Capitalist’s monitor at the caster desk.

As footage of the moment began circulating, he opened up on what happened on Twitter.

“I love Dota. I fiddle during my casts. This time I chose my water bottle,” Capitalist said. “I’d slide it back and forth on the table or toss it around but I accidentally forgot to put the cap back on after taking a drink. Immediately, I knew I fucked up but didn’t really care cause Dota is life.”

The crew forced deal with the broken monitor may have cared a little more, but there were no apparent consequences for Capitalist, who has continued broadcasting on the event’s main English stream.

Capitalist would soldier on through the moisture and cast all the way to the end of the series, which Secret won 2-1.