Dota 2 7.22e update brings big nerfs to TI9 qualifier favorites

By Steven Rondina


Jul 15, 2019

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The final major patch before The International 2019 is here.

Dota 2 version 7.22e has launched and it brings a lengthy series of changes. Though most heroes were given small tweaks, the patch is most notable for delivering hard nerfs to some of the most contested heroes of the Epicenter Major and TI9 qualifiers.

Foremost among this lot is Ember Spirit. The popular mid pick has long been popular but enjoyed a marked uptick in the last month. To counter this, he was given a stiff shot from the development team with his ability to use Sleight of Fist while rooted being removed.

Ember has traditionally had few true counters, and this change allows heroes with spells that have root effects like Crystal Maiden and Meepo, and Rod of Atos users like Outworld Devourer and Visage, to better deal with him. Ember can still compensate with items like Black King Bar and Linken’s Sphere, but it will be interesting to see if he can remain popular with such a hit to his elusiveness.

Though Ember Spirit received a larger change, the developers took the 7.22d approach with most of the nerfed heroes and reduced their early game effectiveness.

Omniknight was one of the breakout stars of the TI9 qualifiers, going from a situational pick in previous events to a solid support option at the Epicenter Major, to an almost guaranteed pick or ban in the qualifiers. Though players who enjoy Omniknight were undoubtedly pleased to see the hero finally achieve high-tier status after years of mediocrity, Valve nixed that by increasing the cooldown of Purification and shortening the duration of Guardian Angel at lower levels.

Similarly, Dark Seer continues to have his potency eroded. For the third patch in a row the hero was nerfed, with the latest update reducing the early damage of Ion Shell.

Finally, Io was arguably the hardest hit of all with Tether’s healing transference being reduced at level one from 90% to 60%. More and more, the support hero is requiring extensive investment to be effective, which threatens to render it useless.

What heroes were buffed in the latest Dota 2 update?


While some heroes received some hefty nerfs, nobody is walking away from 7.22e especially cheerful. Though many heroes were buffed, none were given particularly strong boosts.

Likely the biggest beneficiary is Mirana. The hero’s Sacred Arrow ability was made stronger across the board with higher base damage and a reduced cooldown. She also got a few extra points of base intelligence to offer extra mana regeneration early.

Lich also received a modest buff, as he enjoys slightly higher base intelligence and reduced cooldown for Sinister Gaze. Ogre Magi got a nudge in the form of stronger stat gain and a better level 20 talent option.

For the most part however, no heroes received anything beyond modest increases in stat gain and slightly higher base stats. The full patch notes can be found on the official Dota 2 blog.


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