Dota 2 7.22 update nerfs some of the most recently improved heroes

By Steven Rondina


May 28, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

The latest Dota 2 update is receiving some small tweaks.

Version 7.22b has dropped, bringing a handful of changes to some of the heroes most impacted by 7.22. The patch hits just six heroes, but some of those changes are quite noticeable.

Most of these tweaks were in the form of modest nerfs.

Dark Willow and Grimstroke received some hits to their newly introduced Scepter abilities. Grimstroke’s new illusion skill received a big hit, with the image’s incoming damage nearly doubled from 200-percent to 350-percent. Meanwhile, Willow received a few nerfs to offset her powerful new Scepter skill that allows her to rapid fire through Shadow Realm. Her base attack time was increased, the peak damage from Shadow Realm was pushed back from three seconds to four, and her level 25 attack speed talent was dropped from +200 to +175.

Clinkz, Slark, and Necrophos all received nerfs that weren’t a direct result of the last Dota 2 update.

Clinkz’ Searing Arrows ability got a 10-damage drop across the board, weakening him a bit in the early game. This is offset a bit with a rescaled mana cost and a small boost to his base strength that will provide an extra hint of sustainability to one of Dota 2’s squishiest heroes.

Necrophos’ Heartstopper Aura was converted from pure damage to magical, making it more easily defensible for opponents. Finally, Slark’s Essence Shift retains stolen agility for less time, dropping from 120 seconds to 100.

The only hero to receive a definitive buff this patch was Lycan. Half of that was fixing a bug where his Aghanim’s Scepter creep wolves weren’t being classified as a summoned unit and were not properly receiving buffs from Lycan. The other half was reducing the gold and experience bounty for killing said wolves, removing some of the punishment Lycan players were receiving from the item.

The full Dota 2 patch notes for version 7.22b can be found on the official blog.


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