DahjaCat skin Fortnite

Doja Cat calls out Fortnite for DahjaCat skin

By Olivia Richman


May 18, 2024

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Pop star Doja Cat was flooded with hate from the Fortnite community after claiming a skin copied her likeness.

A new skin from artist DahjaCat arrived in Fortnite’s Item Shop and it clearly was a reference to the controversial rapper Doja Cat, known for her meme-inspiring songs and questionable chat room conversations. Doja Cat reacted negatively but the Fortnite fanbase wasn’t having it.

On May 17, Doja Cat tweeted that she hated the DahjaCat skin: “The Locker bundle is cringe [by the way]. Don’t care for the adult baby aesthetic and roller skates. Has zero to do with me at all. F—ing sucks.”

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Fortnite players react to Doja Cat

In response, Fortnite players expressed anger at Doja Cat for her negative reaction. They commended the bundle for it’s cute hairstyle, skin, and clothing before calling out Doja Cat for the rude reaction. Some pointed out that there was a creator behind the skin as well, noting that it was rude to have such mean comments towards a fan’s art.

As the heat continued, Doja Cat deleted her tweet. Meanwhile, DahjaCat tweeted his own response. He said he “got her closure,” begging fans not to send hate back and forth.

“Please don’t hate on Doja in my replies regarding the situation,” Dahja added. “I’m okay and so should you all. Have a good night friends.”

People responded by applauding DahjaCat’s artwork and bundle, telling him not to let Doja Cat bring him down. They all wished him the best and continued the outpour of support.

Doja Cat has not publicly made any further statements to Dahja or about the art. But this wasn’t the only complain Doja Cat had about Fortnite recently. She previously complained about a variety of new weapons and skins, including calling Chains of Hades “horrible and garbage.” It was later removed by Epic.

Luckily for fans, DahjaCat’s latest skin has not been removed.


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